Can a man who is married adopt a child without his wife if the child has a mother already in other cwords his god daughter has no father he wants to father her in case of anything but she has a mom?

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This varies from state to state. You should call an adoption agency or adoption attorney in the state where the child resides.
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Can a 16-year-old mother get married without parental consent to the father of her child?

Maryland, Florida, Virginia, W.Virginia and New Jersey allow a female minor to marry without parental or guardian permission if she is pregnant or already has a child. Kentucky allows the action with the permission of the district court. All other states (except Nebraska) require the consent of pare ( Full Answer )

How can a minor father of an unborn child get to see his baby if the minor mothers mom doesn't want him to go near her daughter?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nmaybe when the child is born take her to court for visitation\n. \n Answer \n. \nIt depends on just how old he is. 15..16..17? In some states you don't have to be 18 to be considered an "adult" and do what you want to do. I know in Texas the legal age is 17. So ( Full Answer )

If a father that is not married to mother of his child but his name is on birth certificate leaves with child without permission of mother considered kidnapping?

In England and Wales all fathers named on birth certificates after 2004?(I think it's 04!), have automatic parental responsibility, so unless there is a specific court order determining contact and/or residence, then NO it's not kidnap (but if the child was born before that date, then it is kidnap u ( Full Answer )

If the father is not married to the mother can the father take the child?

The father has not established his parental rights. An unmarried mother has legal custody of her child. Since the parents are not married the father needs to establish his paternity in court in order to gain his parental rights legally. Once established he should consult with an attorney who special ( Full Answer )

If a mother does not want child support can the father see his child?

yes. the father can still see his child. the mother is just refusing money. my father didn't pay child support but my brother and i still went to his house every other weekend. The father is still allowed the right to see his child. The best way is to find a time that is both convenient for the moth ( Full Answer )

What rights does a father have to child if he is not married to the mother?

First, he must have a good reason to convince the court that the child would be better off in his custody. He would need to convince the court that the mother is unfit and the mother's custody is not in the best interest of the child. The health, safety, and welfare of children is always the court's ( Full Answer )

What rights does a father have if the mother seeks to place the child for adoption?

That dependent of the age of the child and your state. In Kansas, if the father has not been providing financial support during the pregnancy, he cannot stop an adoption of the child up to one year old. In Missouri, if you have not had contact with the child for at least six months, even when being ( Full Answer )

If the mother and father of a child aren't married and the mother is getting married to a military man what rights does the father have if they were to move?

Your rights need to be established by a court order for visitation and for child support. If you have a visitation order in place then the court has jurisdiction over your child and his mother must appeal to the court to allow her to move the child out of state. The court will assess the situation i ( Full Answer )

What rights does a child have if the mother and father were not married and the father is dead?

The child would need to have the father's paternity established. Once paternity has been established the child is entitled to inherit from her father's estate and collect under his social security benefits while the child is a minor. You should consult with an attorney. The child would need to have ( Full Answer )

What are the chances of a father getting his child back if someone else other than the mother has the child and is seeking to adopt the child.?

This is dependent on different factors, including whether the father has officially registered as the putative father to the child in order to stop such and action. In a Missouri case of a few years ago, a man who was paying child support, but had not registered as the putative father within the ( Full Answer )

Do you handle cases when a wife wants to adopt her husband's child? doesn't handle any cases. Contributors provide answers to questions if they have something to share. You can only adopt the child with the consent of the child's mother and she must be informed that by her consent she will give up her parental rights. You should consult with an attorn ( Full Answer )

Can a mother keep a child from the father if not married?

You are asking a legal question that has many possible answers. In this state, marriage has nothing to do with it. Child support and visitation is treated about the same way for single people as divorced people. Other factors, however, matter. See a lawyer.

Can the mother change the childs name and have her new husband adopt the child without the real fathers consent?

That depends on where you live and whether you parental rights have been terminated. In the United States, parentage would first have to be established either by being listed as the father on the birth certificate. DNA testing or voluntary admission on record with the court. When that happens, ad ( Full Answer )

Father and Mother are not married when Mother decides she does not want to be a Mom then abandons the Father and Child. Does the Father have legal rights for full custody?

The father must establish his paternity through the courts since he and the mother were not married. He can petition for full custody. He should consult with an attorney who specializes in custody issues. The mother's abandonment can certainly be used as evidence that the father should receive legal ( Full Answer )

Can you get your child back if it was adopted out by the mother without the father knowing?

Your question is a complicated one and cannot be given a simple yes or no. It can be done, however, and the adoption revoked under very specific circumstances but requires expert legal assistance. If your parentage was legally established, either by your name appearing on the birth certificate or pa ( Full Answer )

Can the mother place her child for adoption without the consent of the child's legal father?

In the US, no and yes. I believe Utah is the only state where the mother only have the obligation to notify the father of her decision but he can then seek custody and stop the adoption. So getting his consent or give him the custody if she does not wish to parent the child, would be the better choi ( Full Answer )