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It doesn't really matter if the person is a child or married. You can always add an additional driver on your policy. That, of course, will cost you.


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A college loan consolidation is where college student, as well as their parents or guardian meet with a consultant to discuss possible terms to receiving a student loan.

A commuting student (as compared to a resident student) lives off campus (frequently with parents) and commutes to college or university.

Once a student is 18, college transcripts are not longer available to parents. As a college consultant, I usually suggest parents have an honest discussion with their child about how they will know what kind of grades the student in making. Unless a student requests a transcript or allows you into an online account, you will just have to trust their

There is no statute of limitations if it's a public college.

Only if they are a student or graduate student at an appropriate University or College. Parents of these students can also apply. They also have loans for students in the healthcare field that are not currently at college, but are doing internships and the like.

As soon as the insurance company gets wind that you are married they will drop you from their coverage. If you are caught using their insurance they will probably try to charge you with fraud or cancel your parents insurance.

Almost any college with the appropriate supporting documentation form the Board of Education, and parents of the student.

State Farm offers young driver and student car insurance providing low rates and discounts. In several states college students are actually still covered by their parents insurance polices but if a student isn't covered by their parents or wishes to get their own they can get a quote and apply online at State Farm.

In Texas, as long as the parents claim the child as a dependent they can be on their insurance until they are 23 or get married. Whether or not they are a full-time student. You have to check online for your state's laws.

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You can apply for a sports scholarship, which can reduce the financial strain on the student and/or parents.

There have been some reports in the tabloids that the president's parents were not married when he was born; but according to interviews with family members on both sides, a marriage did in fact take place, although his mother's side was not happy about it (they thought their daughter was much too young and still a college student). Therefore, since the president's parents were married, he was not a love child.

No, regardless of your age, you are emancipated by being married and therefor does not get child support.

The the child has the car, than the child should be on the parents, or whoever owned the car, insurance. This is required in all states.

Getting married does make you independent of your parents income, however you need to consider your income as well as the income of your future spouse.

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On college campuses, they have student aid centers, and they are more than happy to help out their students. Good luck:)

Normally you need a source of income to get a credit card. Some credit issuers, though, will issue a credit card to a college student based on his parents' credit record; this is done with the parents' permission, usually with the condition that the parents are responsible for any delinquent balances. (This helps the student establish a credit rating, with the risk of the student demolishing the parents' rating.)

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