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yes sometimes you can miss a month it is possible and it is normal

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Yes it can. There is many causes for this. Such as:

  • Pregnancy.
  • Irregular periods.
  • Hormonal imbalance.
  • Stress.
  • Family problems.
  • Vaginal infection.
  • Late Ovulation.
  • Taking Plan B/morning after pill within the last 2 weeks.
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Q: Can a menstrual cycle be more than a week late?
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What does it mean if your menstrual cycle is more than 35 days?

It simply means that you have a 35 day menstrual cycle, nothing more than that. The typical menstrual cycle is 28 days but everyone is different so some women have longer cycles.

Could your menstrual cycle be late and you not be pregnant?

Yes it's called an irregular cycle. If you have more than one in a row or don't get your period at all you should see a Dr.

Can having more than one sex partner cause a woman's menstrual cycle to be off?

No, having multiple sexual partners has no impact on the menstrual cycle at all.The menstrual cycle is the reproductive cycle, it is controlled by hormonal changes within the reproductive organs and so sex does not change the cycle (unless the person falls pregnant). The menstrual cycle can't tell how many sexual partners a person has, nor would there be any reason for the menstrual cycle to change if a person has multiple sexual partners.

Does brown spotting always lead to a menstrual cycle?

Yes. More than likely.

Your girlfriend got her period late and just got it about a week later is she pregnant?

If she actually started her menstrual cycle, then no she is not pregnant. However, at the beginning of a pregnancy, some women experience "spotting" which may appear like her cycle. So if what she experienced was a full menstrual cycle then your in the clear. Better late than never... Ha

You were late five days then got your period you are never late what can be happening?

You were five days later than you predicted - this prediction was based on your average menstrual cycle length, but menstrual cycles change and they will not be exactly the same throughout your entire life. Anything up to a weeks variation from your average menstrual cycle is normal, also things such as ill health or stress can delay your menstrual cycles too.

What if your period does not come by more than 33 days?

The average menstrual cycle is 28 days, but that doesn't mean that your menstrual cycle is that long - your cycle might be longer, in which case this is normal. Anything up to a weeks variation from your average menstrual cycle is completely normal so nothing to worry about.

Is bright red blood normal during menstrual cycle?

Not more than a tiny amount. Menstrual fluid is not blood, but disintegrating cells.

What does it mean if you get your period two weeks later than it normally occurs?

A menstrual CYCLE is on a CYCLE. Based upon an average of 30 days. If you are two weeks late then the cycle has come two weeks later than usual?

How do you get early period?

You can't get your period any earlier than when it is due.Menstruation is controlled by your menstrual cycle, you cannot speed-up your menstrual cycle or skip phases of your menstrual cycle to menstruate earlier than when you're due.

What is considered the first day of the menstrual cycle?

The first day of the menstrual cycle is the first day of the menstrual phase - aka first day of the period/menstruation. The menstrual cycle is called this (rather than ovulation cycle) because menstruation is the most noticeable external sign of the cycle.

Is there a 21 day menstrual cycle?

Yes, there is a 21 day menstrual cycle. The typical cycle is 28 days but everyone is different and some people may have shorter menstrual cycles than this.

When should you worry about long bleeding in a menstrual cycle?

When its been more than 7 days and if its heavy.

Is it normal for a menstrual cycle to last more than a week?

The full menstrual cycle is usually counted from the first day you bleed(day 1), through when it's stopped, until you start to bleed again. So the day before the next bleed is the last day of your cycle. Menstrual bleeding though can last for a little more than a week without there being anything wrong.

What does it mean when you see your period more than once a in a month?

It simply means that you're menstrual cycle is shorter than a month long. When you menstruate isn't determined by the calendar but by your menstrual cycle, the typical menstrual cycle is 28 days (a little less than most months) and sometimes cycles can be shorter than this. Not all vaginal bleeding is menstruation either, some women can experience mid-cycle bleeding due to hormonal imbalance.

How do you know when you conceived?

There will, more than likely, be no signs until the next menstrual cycle is missed or significantly delayed.

What is another word for menstrual cycle?

This called a period to shorten it and make sound more plesent than menstrual cycle. this is often a term used by non professionals for more information go to and post this qeistionflow; menses; menstruum; period

Why menstruation occur in human females?

Menstruation occurs in human females to get rid of the unfertilized eggs.Each month, your reproductive system repeats a regular pattern of events (your cycle, or your menstrual cycle), all controlled by hormones.The menstrual cycle is defined as the time from the first day of a woman's period to the first day of her next period. Here are the basics of the menstrual cycle phases.menstrual cycle does not necessarily take place once a month. The average menstrual cycle time for women is 28 days, but your menstrual cycle may last from 21 to 35 days and still be normal.If you have a short menstrual cycle, you may have a period more often than once a month. However, if your menstrual cycle lasts longer, you're one of the women who have fewer periods in a year.

Why can a menstrual period be late?

Anything up to a weeks variation from your average menstrual cycle is normal, so although menstruation may be later than predicted it's not necessarily 'late'. Most common causes of late periods are stress and ill-health such as being sick around the time you should have ovulated.

What happens to ovulation in prolonged menstrual cycle?

Prolonged menstrual cycles are menstrual cycles that are longer than usual for you. The reason for prolonged menstrual cycles is that ovulation has occurred later in the cycle than usual. Nothing happens to ovulation per say, it's just later.

How many days can a normal menstrual cycle last?

A typical menstrual cycle lasts between three and five days, however the time period between two and seven days is typical as well. If a woman experiences a menstrual cycle lasting more than seven days, then she should seek medical attention.

What occurs on the 14 day of the menstrual cycle?

Typically on day 14 of the menstrual cycle is when ovulation occurs - when an egg is released from the ovary. However everyone's menstrual cycles are different, if the cycle is longer it's likely ovulation occurs far later in the cycle than this.

Why did your period come three days late?

Your period wasn't three days 'late' it was just three days later than you had predicted - a few days variation in the menstrual cycle is completely normal.

How do you make your menstrual cycle come on early?

You can't make your menstrual cycle start earlier than it is supposed to start. Menstrual cycles are controlled by a domino effect of hormonal changes, you can't speed-up or skip phases of your cycle.

What part enables a woman to have a menstrual cycle?

her internal organs wich are far more complicated than the male counterpart.