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Q: Can a model 69a match rifle have a cut in barrel for a elevaed sight with a blank as well as the lyman peep sights?
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Where can you find a new receiver sight for a Winchester model 68 22 and what is it worth?

The Winchester Model 68 bolt action single shot .22 was made from 1934-46. It did not have a rear sight mounted on the barrel, but had a receiver mounted Winchester No. 96A peep sight (books at $20-40). As options, Winchester offered the Lyman No. 55W or 57ES Receiver Sights ($25-75). The hunt for old gunsights can pretty interesting. Lyman is still in business, and may be of some help. Good luck. By the way, the rifle (with sights) books from $275 at 100% to $50 at 60% condition.

Was the Ranger Model 103-8 sold with peep sights?

Yes, I have one with the base and no peep. I am trying to find one everything I have found is that the original site was made by Lyman.

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How do you remove the cleanout plug and barrel lug from a Lymantrade rifle - percussion?

Follow instructions in owner's manual. Take it to a gun shop. Get a manual from Lyman.

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