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If the parents have not legally adopted the child, and the mother has proven she is a fit mother she can go to court to win custody of her child. However, the mother of the child should consider the fact as to how long that child has been with the grandparents and think of the child's welfare. Uprooting a child after 4 or more years is extremely difficult on the child. I'd take it slow and easy and get to know your child all over again. Parents have to realize they can't play "mom and pop" when the whim pleases them. The grandparents have put a lot of time, effort, love and money into the child and that child has grown close to the grandparents. Marcy Generally speaking, once you give up your parental rights (which is a totally different thing than custody), it's a done deal. At that point, you are a legal stranger to that child. You can't just go back later and say "I've changed my mind now". You *may* have a case if you gave those rights up when you were under 'distress', but it's likely going to be a long, hard court battle.

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Q: Can a mother who gave up rights for her son to her parents regain rights to her son?
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