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if you get on and off road tred, blinkers, and mirrors.

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Q: Can a motorcycle that is for off-road use only on the title be made street legal and retitled for on-road use?
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Do they make semi-automatic Yamaha Blasters?

No they do not make auto motorcycles unless you are buying a offroad/onroad motorcycle then you are basically driveing a street legal dirt bike

What is better a nitro RC car or a nitro RC truck?

a nitro RC car is faster on street but if u want a nice jumping one then get a truck. *Offroad vs Onroad* Trucks last longer because they are built better...

What is the legal limit for riding a bike in Florida?

It depends if you want a street bike or an offroad bike. There is no age limit for riding offroad, but to ride on the street, you must be at least sixteen.

Do you need goggles to drive a scooter in Florida?

offroad no but street use yes

Does a motorcycle have to have mirrors?

If the Motorcycle is street legal and intended for street use, Yes. However if the motorcycle is a dirt bike and not being drivin on the streets then NO.

What is the fastest street legal factory production motorcycle of 2009?

The Ducati Fv is the fastest street legal motorcycle of 2009.

Did dodge make a motorcycle?

Yes, the motorcycle is not street legal and they did not make many

Are mini bikes street legal in manatee county?

Minibikes that meet the street legal requirements for a motorcycle are street legal. They are considered a motorcycle and must carry the same equipment.

What is the best motorcycle model out there?

It is said that the Triumph Street Triple R is the best motorcycle out there.

What does it take to get motorcycle lisence?

To get a motorcycle licence, you must first apply for the motorcycle learner's permit before you receive a street legal motorcycle; you can then take the written and road test to get your motorcycle licence.

How do you make a motorcycle street legal in minnesota?

Contact your local DMV agency they will have information or a manual that details all the items necessary to make a motorcycle street legal.

What was the fastest motorcycle in 1960?

The Vincent Black Shadow was the fastest production street motorcycle from 1949 to 1972

Is it legal to ride a motorcycle without a license?

No, you must have a license to ride a motorcycle on a public street or road.

Where will you get spares for your hero Honda street motorcycle?


What is the street legal engine size for a motorcycle in Kentucky?

50 cc is Legal on the street in KY.

Are mini bikes street legal in AZ?

No you have to have a motorcycle licence , licence plate, and motorcycle registration through the MVD.

Can you put knobby tires on street motorcycle?

Yes, you can technically put knobby tires on a street motorcycle but this is not recommended for street use. Sport bikes tend to be too heavy and difficult to control off of the road even with knobby tires.

Can a 11 year old ride a small motorcycle on the street?


What brand of motorcycle street gear goes with Yamaha?


What size and series is 2005 Yamaha motorcycle jyarj08e45a005350?

Your VIN is to a 2005 600cc, FZ6- Super Sport, Street Motorcycle.

How old do you have to be to ride an enduro in New Jersey on the street?

you must be 17, have a valid motorcycle permit/motorcycle drivers licence

How old do you have to be to own a Yamaha r1?

it doesn't matter. if this is a street bike you have to be 16 to be able to ride it on the city streets. if its offroad as long as you can control it safely.

Where is Chaparral Motorsports located?

Chaparral Motorsports has a large selection of motorcycle gear, accessories, motorcycle parts, and apparel. The street address is 555 South H Street, San Bernardino, CA 92410.

Can a motorcycle that is for off road use only on the title be made street legal and retitled for on road use in TN and how?

It can in arkansas, You just need to add all required items for A street bike, Lights, Turn signals, A place for a tag, ETC.,,,,, Keep in mind that most "off road" bikes are not built in A way that makes them good for street use, They are generally set up for frequent stopping or slowing of the engine.,,,, If your bike is A two stroke (Cycle) engine it will likely be stressed if used on the street because it will not be designed to stay turning fast for long lengths of time.

What kind of motorcycle does chibs ride in sons of anarchy?

Street bob

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