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No, an O Positive person cannot donate to an A Negative person because the person who is Negative, or Rh Negative, will react to the Positive (Rh Positive) blood. Negative can only get Negative, Positive can get Positive or Negative.

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Q: Can a negative donate blood to A positive?
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Can A Negative blood group donate an organ to A Positive blood group?

Can a negative blood group donate an organ to a positive blood group

Can O Positive Blood donate to A Negative?

No, an O Positive person cannot donate to an A Negative person because the person who is Negative, or Rh Negative, will react to the Positive (Rh Positive) blood. Negative can only get Negative, Positive can get Positive or Negative.

Individuals with type ab blood can donate blood to individuals with which blood types?

AB positive can donate to AB positive. AB negative to AB negative and AB positive.

Can someone who has the blood type B negative donate blood to someone who is O positive?

No, only someone with Blood type O can donate to a person with Blood type O. Blood type B negative can donate to anyone with blood type B (positive or negative) and blood type AB.

Can an individual with o blood group donate his blood to an A blood group person?

O blood can always donate to positive, however if you're O negative, you can donate to ANYBODY, and O positive you may only donate to other positive blood types.

Who can donate blood to o positive patients?

O positive and O negative both can donate to O positive patients

What blood types can donate to what blood types?

AB can only donate blood to other ABs. A can donate blood to As and ABs. B can donate blood to Bs and ABs. O can donate to all blood types. Negative Rh factors can donate to both positive and negative Rh factors, however postive Rh factors can only donate to other positive. So if I had O+ blood, I couldn't donate to A-, but could donate to A+.

Can we you donate o positive blood to o negative?


Can a person with b negative blood donate to a person with b positive blood?


Can an A positive donor donate to an A negative donor?

No. It is not the same type of blood. The donor needs to be and A negative.

Can o negative donate blood to o plus?

Yes, type O negative blood can donate to type O positive blood. Type O negative blood is the universal donor. It can be given to a person with any blood type.

What is Rh positive and Rh negative mean?

Rh factor is a protein that is found in the blood of about 85% of the population. Those who have the factor are Rh positive, while those who don't, are Rh negative. A person who is Rh negative can safely donate blood to persons with or without the protein. A person who is Rh positive can only donate to those who are Rh positive.

Main differences in o positive,and o negative?

The positive or negative in the blood types refer to the Rh factor, which is an antigen. Antigens trigger immune responses. Being positive or negative for the Rh factor will impact who you can receive a blood donation from, and who you can donate blood to.

Can blood type 0 donate to anyone?

If you have type o negative then you are the universal donor and could donate to any other blood type. If you have o positive then you would be limited in what blood types you could donate to.

Can a person with a blood group o negative donate blood to an o positive person?

Yes, O- is the universal donor. A person with O- can donate to all blood types.

How many positive blood types are there?

There are four blood types, O, A, AB and B. In addition, each of these types can be negative or positive. This designation denotes whether the blood is Rh positive or negative. A positive blood type cannot donate to a negative blood type. Such a donation could cause a serious, life threatening reaction.

Are A positive Blood and AB positive compatible?

A person with A positive blood can donate blood to someone with AB positive blood. Someone with AB positive blood cannot donate blood to someone with A positive blood.

Can donor blood 0 plus be successfully donate to recepients b negative?

No although type O can donate to anyone the positive (plus) can not be put into a blood with negative. This would cause blood clumping and would be very bad.

Can AB blood group donate to A blood group?

Simple answer no. O can donate to A or B but not the reverse. A and B can donate to AB but not the reverse. Neither A or B can donate to each other. It also depands on the rh factor. Negative people can donate to positive but not the reverse. O negative can be given to anyone which is why they keep calling me at the blood bank asking for donations.

Is blood type A negative compatible with B positive?

Blood types A negative and B positive cannot donate or receive blood from each other. If you're asking if two people of this blood type can have a baby -- yes, of course.

When a mother is A positive and her daughter is o negative can the mother donate blood to the daughter?

No. People with an o blood type can only receive o blood. They can however donate to a patient of any blood type

Can o positive blood donor donate blood to o positive?

Yes, type O positive can donate blood to type O positive. Type O positive can donate to O positive, A positive, B positive, or AB positive.

Is O Negative the Universal Donor Blood Group?

Yes. O negative can donate to anyone, O positive can receive blood from anyone. The other groups can only receive blood from their group or O negative.

What blood types can person with blood type A negative donate?

A person with A negative blood can donate blood to a person with A negative blood and a person with AB negative blood.

What blood types can A positive donate to?

A person that has A positive blood and donate to two other blood types. They can donate to both those with type A blood and to those with type AB blood, which is the universal donor.