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It's illegal for the neighbor to open or destroy mail addressed to somone else. Threats are a different issue, a threat does not necessarily mean that the action referred to will follow. Therefore, the person does not have to give the mail to the addressee, but they are required to return it to the postal carrier, place in a mail box or return to the post office. Don't talk to him directly about it. Let the post office deal with that problem. Just report to them what was said and that the mail was delivered there accidentally. Yes, it is a Federal offense to interfere with the mail but it will only cause you problems if you deal with it directly. Call your local postmaster or better yet, go see him in person. The threat isn't really illegal, but he can't knowingly throw it away. Not only is that illegal, any crime involving mail is a federal offense and punishable by severe penalties. You could contact you local branch of the US Postal Inspector for more information.

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Q: Can a neighbor threaten to dispose of mail that is addressed to someone else but was mistakenly delivered to their address?
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