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no it cant because the cable can stay just about anyway eg if it was the new model of the Samsung tv it would probably effect it but if yours isn't the type of samsung no it wont affect the channels that you receive

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 14:57:10
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Q: Can a new cable affect the channels that you receive?
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Do you have an updated listing of the cable channels?

Do you have a new listing of the cable channels?

What's the difference between digital, regular, and HD cable?

Traditional cable is analog, which requires more bandwidth per channel. Usually you need a cable box to receive Digital cable which shall also include High Definition (720p) channels if you subscribe to them. You can also receive local HD channels with an antenna, but you'll need a new television that can receive digital channels or a digital converter box.

Do you have to have to program a new television to receive all available channels?

you have to program a new television to receive all available channels.

Guide to Cable Channels?

Years ago, cable was considered a luxury. Those that had cable had basic cable channels like ESPN, TNT, and TBS. Now, cable has changed dramatically. Cable television is all delivered digitally today. As a result, digital cable has hundreds of channels for people to choose from. Cable companies offer a variety of digital cable packages. These range from just your basic cable channels to packages that include all the premium channels, sports channels, and music channels. Here is a basic overview of all the cable channels available to you. Basic cable includes common channels you would see in most hotel rooms. These are ESPN, TBS, FX, USA and other similar channels. Basic cable usually includes movie channels like AMC or Turner Classic Movies. You also get access to 24 hour news networks like CNN and Fox News. The basic package is the most affordable. You get a wide selection of channels compared to what you used to get with analog cable, but there are still many cable channels you aren't getting. Many basic cable channels are available in high definition at no additional cost from your cable provider. More and more channels become available on a regular basis. Preferred cable adds a lot of channels to your package. Preferred cable usually includes the Encore networks, which show new and old movies completely unedited. There are other additional channels, including some basic sports channels like ESPN News. You also receive more unique channels, including Spanish language channels. The next stop up in cable includes premium channels. These include HBO, Showtime, and Starz. These channels show new and old movies as well as original content like shows, sporting events, and comedy specials. Each premium package offers several channels. For example, there are up to ten HBO channels available to you. In addition to premium channels, you also have sports packages that include NFL Network, MLB Network, and ESPN Classic. These channels offer the best in sports entertainment around the clock. Lastly, you get the music channels. These work like a radio in which you can choose a genre and listen to music nonstop. As you can see, cable channels have much to offer. In addition, many channels have on demand content. That means you can pick and choose a movie or television show to watch whenever you want. On demand content is updated regularly and it gives you a great deal of control over your cable viewing. New cable channels are sure to be added in the future as well.

Do you have to program a new tv to receive all channels?

Yes when you program it or autotune it reaches its full channels

Does atsc tuner receive new digital tv channels?


What is the new frequency for Multi-vision channels?

Maybe sky or cable have a package?

What is the new frequency for Multi vision channels?

Maybe sky or cable have a package?

When will New Moon be released on Cable TV?

New Moon can be viewed on Time Warner Cable's 'On Demand' feature. As to when it will be showing on channels, nobody has released that information.

how much is basic cable tv and what channels can i get I'm asking this for a friend who lives in Pyramid Pines,Saratoga Springs,N.Y.?

Comcast Cable is the provider for the Saratoga Springs area of New York. They offer a Digital Cable package with 270 channels for $44.99 a month.

How do you program a new television to receive all available channels?

Yes, go to the menu and put the set in the SEARCH or SCAN mode after selecting the proper input mode for the type antenna source, cable or off-air, etc.

How to Receive Reduced Cable Prices?

Over the past couple of decades, the advancement of the digital cable age has dramatically increased the amount of channels and services provided by cable service providers. While the amounts of services that are available are much higher, the cost of the typical cable bill has increased quite a bit as well. Luckily, there are several tips that you could follow which would increase your chances of negotiating with your cable provider to receive lower cable prices. The first tip in negotiating with cable provider to receive lower cable prices is to ask for the current special. Most cable service providers try to entice new customers by offering them very low rate, which include amenities such as premium channels, DVR, or HD channels, for a period ranging from 6 to 12 months. While you may be past this initial 12 month period, you could still receive the discounted offer rate if you ask the provider for the special. In some situations, they may even be legally obligated to provide you with the discounted rate. The second tip in negotiating with cable provider to receive lower cable prices is to ask for trial offers of additional services that they provide. Many cable service providers are more than willing to give their customers a free trial on a variety of their additional services because they believe this will lead the customer into ordering the additional services long term after the free trial is over. The services that you could receive for free, for usually up to three months, could include free premium channels, access to sports packages, free DVR service, or access to the high-definition channels. The third tip in negotiating with cable provider to receive lower cable prices is to threaten to switch cable service providers. If you have been with the cable provider for more than 12 months, you are probably out of any contract that you have signed. Because of this, you have quite a bit of leverage in switching providers. If you are not able to receive the discounted rates or the additional services that you request, then you should threaten to cancel and switch providers. The vast majority of the time, the provider will want to work with you to retain your business and they will end up giving you what you want.

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