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Once the injections are stopped, periods should return and then you can get pregnant.

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Q: Can a person conceive a baby after not having a menstrual cycle for 20 months due to Depo-Provera birth control injections?
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How can you put off your period from coming you are on the birth control pill?

Ordinarily birth control pills do not "put off" or eliminate the menstrual period. Some women using depo provera (injections) do not have their menstrual periods while on that medication.

What are not barrier methods of contraception's?

Birth Control pills, ring, patch, DepoProvera and the IUD are not barriers.

How long does it take to start your period after stopping the depoprovera injections?

After the last shot of Depo Provera, it can take over 6 months for the drug to leave the body.But you should start another form of birth control after 6-12 weeks after your last shot.

What glands control the menstrual cycle?


Irregular menstrual periods what about my honeymoon?

Birth control pills will help regulate the menstrual cycle.

What are three types of hormonal birth control?

Birth control pills, Mirena (IUD), NuvaRing, DepoProvera, Implanon and the patch are all hormonal methods of birth control sold in the US. There is another injection available in some other countries, as well.

How do you overcome irregular menstrual cycle?

Birth Control.

How are oestrogen and LH involved in the control of the menstrual cycle?

Several hormones are involved in the female menstrual cycle, the ovaries produces oestrogen which causes changes at puberty and helps control the menstrual cycle, and stimulates production of LH.

Is it safe to have intercourse just after the menstrual cycle?

The menstrual cycle is the reproductive cycle, unless a woman is pregnant or on hormonal birth control then during her reproductive years she is always in her menstrual cycle. A woman can have sex at any point in her menstrual cycle as long as she uses birth control.

How often should your menstrual cycle be when your not on birth control pills?

The average menstrual cycle length is 28 days - but everyone is different. As a note while on birth control pills you don't have a menstrual cycle, the pill works by suppressing your menstrual cycles so you no longer ovulate.

How much estrogen in depoprovera birth control shot?

There is no estrogen in Depo Provera. It contains only progestin. The 3-month shot contains 150 mg of depot-medroxyprogesterone.

What system controls the ovarian and menstrual cycle?

The menstrual cycle is under the control of the endocrine system (hormonal system).

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