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Yes - that is commonly referred to as a "blackout."

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Q: Can a person drink so much that they forget what they did while drunk?
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Do people often forget things they said while drunk?

yes they do!

How much does it take average man to get drunk?

This depends on many factors. It depends on how much a person weighs, how fast the drunk the drink, and if they ate before or while they were drinking.

Does being drunk make you forget what you did?

It Depends... If Your Heavaly Drunk Then Your Very Likely To Forget What Happened But I'd Be Careful Because iF Your Very Drunk And be Sick While Asleep You Defonetly Not Remember What Happend...

What happens if you drink alcohol while taking amitriptyline?

It can increase the effect of the drink causing you to feel drunk much quicker

Is drunk driving illegal?

Yes, or course it is. While drunk, a person does not have full control over their own bodies, let alone trying to safely operate a vehicle, too. yes, the person who wrote that is VERY correct. So don't drink and drive! -anonymous-

Is it illegal to drive people who are drunk?

It is not illegal to drive people who are drunk. In fact it is the best thing to do for a person who is drunk instead of letting the person drive his or her own vehicle while drunk. That is why "designated drivers" are important.

What does it mean if a guys kisses you but you and him are drunk btw I've had a crush on him for a while but I kissed him first but he kissed me back I think?

If you are drunk, you aren't in control of your actions or feelings. Forget about it.

Can you drink alcohol while on Roxithromycin?

yes, getting drunk will help the healing process of this drug

What if you get sued by a drunk person who tries to get in your car while it was moving?

you can run him over because hes drunk he wont care

Can you drink wine while pregnant?

You don't want to drink a lot, or get drunk while you're pregnant, but most of the research seems to indicate that a glass of wine or two a week is OK.

What happens the day after you were drunk?

You may have a hangover while your body tries to get the alcohol out of your system. Drink more water.

Was Adam Young drunk while writing Fireflies?

yes he was drunk.... No, he doesn't drink. Adam is just extremely creative, unlike many artists in Hollywood who have no imagination whatsoever.

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