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AnswerIf you eat a lot of sugar, you may become obese, which can lead to type 2 Diabetes.

Type one occurs when the immune system "attacks" the Insulin-producing beta cells located in the pancreas. Which means your body can no longer produce insulin for itself, in that case, you would need to take insulin injections for the rest of your life. It is unrelated to eating.

AnswerYou can eat your way into diabetes by eating these types of food to the extent that you are overweight, have high cholesteral, triglycerides and such. There are also other risk factors, but excess weight and lack of exercise increase your risk. AnswerNo. One cannot obtain diabetes by consuming too much sugar.

By consuming a lot of sugar, one may become obese. Obesity is a risk factor for diabetes.

AnswerWe do not completely understand why some people get diabetes and others don't. Genetics plays a role (family history) as does being over weight and getting too little exercise. It is possible that what you eat is also important with eating a lot of breads, pastas and sweets being more likely to cause diabetes than over-eating meats and fats. AnswerOnly Type 2 diabetes can be caused by the food you eat. Type 2 can be caused by poor diet, poor health and lack of exercise.

Type 1 however cannot be caused by diet. The causes of Type 1 are being researched but it definitely doesn't have anything to do with diet. Diet affects the overall well being of the sufferer but it isn't a cause.

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How much candy do you have to eat to get diabetes?

Diabetes is when you have high blood sugar. You would have to eat candy with a lot of sugar in it to get diabetes.

Does candy cause glucose to go up?

Eating candy can cause a person's glucose to go up especially if the person has diabetes. If one has diabetes, glucose levels are affected by foods high in carbohydrates.

Are cookies considered candy?

Cookies are a pastry and pastries, like cakes and muffins, are not candy. Enough said.

Why is candy involved in halloween?

The Romans would pass out pastries to the poor. We just evolved it to passing out candy to kids.

Does candy harm your body?

Yes. Candy DOES harm your body. Candy has ALOT of sugar, and eating a lot of candy can probably lead to diabetes (getting diabetes is if you have too much sugar).

Is rock candy bad for you?

if you have diabetes yes because there is a lot of sugur in the rock candy. but if you don't have diabetes then you should watch out.

What companies make candy for people who have gotten a diabetes diagnosis?

there are several companies who have candy for people with diabetes that are sugar free. go to your local supermarket to check for these in the candy isle.

What were the frist Christmas trees decorated with?

apples, white candy canes, and shaped pastries

If you eat a lot of candy could you get diabetes?


How is candy is dangerous to the body?

Candy is dangerous to the body because when your body gets to much suger you get high blood suger and when you get high blood suger you get diabetes and when you get diabetes you have to inject insulin in your body to control your blood suger and that means giving yourself shots everyday in your arm or stomach and if you don't put your insulin in your body you get dizzy and nasiated and fainted so that's why candy gives a person a high risk of getting diabetes.

What is the difference between candy and diabetic candy?

The difference is that candy is for average people and diabetic candy is for people with diabetes who can't take in too much sugar

What is more fattening pastry or sweets?

Probably pastries but it depends. Sweets such as soda or candy can be fat free but still loaded with sugar. Pastries such as doughnuts are sweet AND very fattening. However, some pastries you can find to be low-fat, like certain types of breads. It all depends. But in the end, pastries in general will be more fattening.

What do bakers do?

Bakers bake any kind of pastries. Which are cakes, exuberance, pies, candy , fudge, donuts, and more!

Why do people hand out candy on Halloween?

Because Romans used to hand out sweets and pastries on the day that they celebrated the dead.

What are some pastries beginning with K?

krispy kreme flaky poppers their at candaces candy store in the amish market

How does diabetes affect people?

WIKIWITCH777 sais: diabetes can affect people as when they cannot eat candy. "i feel very sorry for these people"i feel sorry for them because many others can eat candy...

Can candy affect your health?

Candy can affect your health if you eat too much as your blood pressure rises and you could get diabetes .

What foods cause diabetes?

Type 1 diabetes is when your born with it. If you an unhealthy diet full of sugar (soda pop, cookies, candy, cake,pie) you can develop type two diabetes.

How many servings of candy should you eat a day?

You are only supposed to take 10 grams of candy in a day. However, you should avoid candy and processed sugars because they might lead to symptoms of diabetes. But it is much healthier if you eat less. This gives a less chance of diabetes.

What food is Austria famous for?

Austria is famous for its pastries. One of its famous pastry is Apple Strudel. Austria is also famous for PEZ Candy.

Is candy dangerous?

It depends on the candy and what the person has done with it.

What do you call a person who creates candy?

candy maker

What do you call a person who raps about candy?

A candy wrapper!

When you consume sugar candy it makes you sleepy why?

The simple sugars in candy raises your blood sugar and that makes you sleepy. You may want to get checked for diabetes.

Is it safe to feed dogs candy?

No, it is not! No one should be feeding dogs candy.Answer:No , it is dangerous for dogs. Dogs have high metabolism that can make them die. They could suffer diabetes