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Yes you can! Most of the people actually came from backgrounds such as medical assisting, medical transcribing etc., when they got into this field. I think most of them were working students by that time. While many individuals who pursue a career as a physician major in Biology at the undergraduate level, many others come from a variety of other educational backgrounds. You should meet with a career counselor at the college or university you attend for what options exist for you. The important issue is preparing for the appropriate prerequisites required for medical school. The student should have a strong background in the following areas.

  • Biology (cell biology, biology of the organism)
  • Chemistry (inorganic, organic)
  • Physics
  • Communication (written and oral)
  • Higher level math
  • Computer literacy
  • Development of good critical thinking skills.
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Medical schools are flooded with applicants. The best qualified fill the limited vacancies so you would not succeed without more qualifications, unless you were an outstanding graduate on the Dean's List of Recommendations.

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Q: Can a person get into medical school or pre-medical school with a degree in medical assisting?
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Where do people find heart rate charts?

A person can find information on heart rate charts by visiting their local care physician as this qualified medical professional is the person who should be assisting.

What is medical assisting going?

WHERE is medical assisting going or what is medical assisting, what I know is that it's not a course for someone who plans to make money. it has a very low hourly wage ( around $11.00). not even a single person with no kids can live on that income. look for something else. if your interested in the medical field, I am currently taking a dialysis technician course. it runs from Sept thru June and at the end you are licensed. the starting rate is around $15.50 and there's plenty of room for advancement and sometimes the hosp or clinic you work in my pay for additional schooling.

Where can one hire a registered medical assistant?

A person seeking to hire a registered medical assistant can find well qualified applicants by contacting local Medical Assisting schools or certification programs and asking for recommendations of top rated students.

What job can you get with an Associate of Applied Science in medical office management?

A person can get a job managing a doctor's office with an Associate's degree in medical office management. Kaplan University offers an Associate's degree in medical office management.

What is the difference between a Bachelors Degree and a Doctorate Degree if you want to become a pediatrician?

To become a pediatrician, a person must graduate from medical school and be licensed to practice medicine. A bachelor's degree is a 4 year degree. This would be a first step toward become a doctor. After a bachelor's degree, the person would then apply to medical schools. It takes about 4 years to go to medical school. After medical school, comes residency which is where the doctor selects the kinds of patients he/she wishes to work with, in this case, pediatrics. .

What laws need to be followed to become a medical assisting with no experience?

There are no laws that mandate whether a person can work as a medical assistant or not that is up to the individual doctor, office or healthcare facility you would be working for. However one should have a good knowledge of medical ethics and law. There are plenty of resources to learn medical ethics. One should also have a good knowledge of medical assisting and the common tasks of medical assistants. Most places require a CPR certification also. Medical assistants are only restricted by their abilities and skills.

Who can write doctor before his name?

Any person holding a doctorate degree, medical or non.

Who can prescribe medications?

A physician with a medical degree (MD, DO, DPM) A PhD is not a medical degree, they cannot prescribe medicine.

What do MD and JD mean?

MD is an abbreviation for the degree conferred on a person who completes the requirements of a medical school; the notation refers to the type of degree attained, and is not a title for the individual: Doctor of Medicine. JD is the abbreviation for the degree conferred on a person who completes the requirements of a law school; again, the notation refers to the degree and not the person: Juris Doctor.

Learning Medical Assisting Online?

A medical assistant is the person who prepares the patient for the doctor. Among a medical assistant's jobs are taking information about the patient, guiding the patient to the examination room. Taking the patient's temperature, blood pressure, weight and height information as well as asking critical questions that will aid the doctor in diagnosis. Medical assisting courses online are one of the best alternatives to gaining the necessary education in the field to become a medical assistant. Online courses for medical assistants teach the student important information on how to handle patient information. Patient information is confidential and anyone dealing the patient or the records of the patient must understand the laws concerning privacy. A medical assistant handles confidential information for the patient on a daily basis, to include a patient's entire medical history. It is a huge responsibility that cannot be taken lightly. Medical assistants who learn online have the opportunity to learn about the many aspects involved in being a medical assistant. A medical assistant must learn important medical coding necessary for insurance purposes as well as coding and filing medical folders of the patients. Medical assisting is one of the most multi-faceted positions held in the medical field. A medical assistant is often the first person who sees the person and the last person to deal with the patient in the doctor's office. Without extensive training, often beginning with medical assisting online courses, the medical assistant would be lost trying to understand the many duties and execution of those duties. Online training helps prepare future medical assistants in understanding the HIPPA laws and other legalities that could save him or her and possibly the doctor and other employees from a law suit. Medical assisting online is an important step into a future medical career. Working as a medical assistant is a rewarding, hands on career that can help determine if a career in the medical field is the best choice. It allows the medical assistant to easily further his or her education at a later date to become even more involved in the medical industry.

Do morticians perform autopsies?

No, a mortician is a person educated in the preservation and proper disposal of human corpses - they often have a college degree but are not medical professionals. Autopsies are performed by medical doctors.

How long does it take to become a medical illustrator?

According to the Association of Medical Illustrators, most medical illustrators have a master's degree. After earning a 4-year degree, a person would enroll in one of the three accredited 2-year medical illustration graduate programs available in the United States. There is also an accredited 2-year program in Canada.