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YES, that is one of the very few laws in CA. that makes sense. Call DCA's Consumer Information Center toll-free at 1-800-952-5210. In the Sacramento area call (916) 445-1254.

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Q: Can a person in California be arrested for concealing a vehicle that the repomen are trying to repossess?
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Can a repo man repossess a car from a company's parking lot?

YES they can come in the parking lot. YES, if they are smart repomen, they will check the adjacent blocks. Their job is to FIND the car and recover it. If it is not at the POE, they should run the given address. If not there, they run the references add.

What are the release dates for Something Else - 2004 Dream a Dream Repomen 4-7?

Something Else - 2004 Dream a Dream Repomen 4-7 was released on: USA: 16 October 2007

How can you find out which lender wants to repossess the car?

Ron, the SAFEST thing to do is contact a local repo company. Explain what you know and see how much its worth to them to know more. The info you need is not available to the public and the process to find out is more costly than you would make. Let the repomen get the car and you get the cash. LOL

Can they send an officer to your job to make you give the car back if they are trying to repossess it?

IF the lender has filed a writ of replevin, the court will send an officer to get the car. Some whiny repomen like to PRETEND they are cops, which is ILLEGAL. If it is a repoman pretending to be a cop, GET WITNESSES< VIDEO TAPE THE "REPO" and SUE everyone from the lender to the repoman.

Can you be arrested for not being able to provide the vehicle to the repo agent in Arizona?

I know of NO recovery agent who has areect powers. It would be totally contradictory to the idea of "SELF-HELP" repos. I know a lot of gung-ho wanna be repomen who will LIE about being able to do so.

Can the car get taken out of a closed garage Detroit Michigan?

Nowhere is it legal for breaking and entry. Repomen/woman cannot enter a closed garage or locked gate to aquire property

Can they put out a arrest warrant for you before they attempt to contact you or pick up the car?

Not unless you have commited a crime. Being in default on a loan is NOT a crime. Repomen/women CANT arrest anyone. IMHO, attempting to scare someone into giving up a vehicle is the LAZY way to do it. It would be INSULTING to me if a so called "recovery agent" tried that on me. roosta NO you cannot be arrested for non payment of your car loan period!! I agree that recovery agents (repomen) cannot arrest you. They are not peace officers. However, some states have laws directly relating to failing to return a vehilce that was financed. Try this one one for size, ARIZONA REVISED STATUTES TITLE 13. CRIMINAL CODE CHAPTER 22. BUSINESS AND COMMERCIAL FRAUDS

What are new jersey laws for repo?

Under Federal Law: A Repo Must Be Done In A Peaceful Manner. In NJ Repomen Must notify The local Law enforcement of their intentions But still abide by the laws of the state. Notification of local police is a courtesy in The Garden State, not necessary.

Is it legal to repossess a car without allowing the borrower to get their personal items out of it?

Oh yeh baby happens all the time,see we repomen dont like arguements we let the other people deal with that .Just let me give this little bit of advice if your payments are behind travel litely. The recovery agent can and will take your vehicle with your personals in it. If you catch him in the process of taking your vehicle, it is best to make a deal with him. Offer to trade him the keys for your personals. Why do I suggest a trade? Because they are required to inventory and verify ownership of personal belongings. What would be easier? I quick show of a license in your driveway and giving up your keys or having him take it to his lot, inventory it, store it, charge you a fee for inventory and storage? It is really up to you.

Is it legal for the owner of a repo service to be running all of the cars in the parking lot?

Sticky subject.. can you prove he "ran" them?? Maybe someone there is out for repo and he checked ALL the tags #s so you wouldn't know which one he was looking at? repomen get in the habit of looking at EVERY tag they see. email me if you need more info.

Can someone get arrested if caught driving a car if they are three months behind on payments and the bank is looking for it?

The only way someone can be arrested for driving a car when the bank wants to repo it is if it is reported stolen. The bank must report repo action to police or court before this can call stolen. Most bank will report to police or court for repo action. This will let police know that it not stolen by repo. Most bank do not want to report to police or court. It involame alot of money (impound cost by police, towing fee with police, court cost, filing fee, court fee, etc). Bank hire repro is cheaper then report to police or court. I am not sure what the complication would be if you were trying to register it again after a couple of years though. But from my experience, do not park the vehicle anywhere near your house where iti can be seen. Repomen are always on the hunt, and if they see your car at anytime, then they are goign to be quick to try and get it.

Can a repo company open a closed secured gate to get to the vehicle and if somebody is home should they not make contact?

Trick question, huh? What is your idea of 'secured' gate? Why would they want to make "contact"? The lender has been trying to "make contact" for how long? No responce to "make contact". Repomen get paid to pull iron, NOT make contact. No candy for you. Sorri

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