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You are referring to a "quitclaim" deed. If the deed is valid then the person named in the deed is the rightful owner.

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Q: Can a person named in a will still inherit if someone else has a quick claim deed to the property?
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Does the IRS claim property you have inherited when they have frozen a bank account?

When you inherit property, it becomes your property. The IRS will attach liens or garnishments on such property, including inheritances.

Can someone quit claim a property they already had quit claim deeded to their wife?

Generally, no. When a person executes a quitclaim deed to another person, the first person no longer owns the property. The new owner is the grantee on the quitclaim deed. The former owner has no interest to transfer to someone else.In this case, the wife would be the new owner of the property.

What is adverse claim?

An adverse claim typically means a claim that is against real property by someone other than the registered owner. It means someone is claiming rights to property levied on.

What is the time limit someone can claim property left behind on someone elses property in California?

One year is the time limit someone can claim property left behind on someone else's property in the state of California. After the one year time period is up, the item is up for grabs.

Does widowed spouse inherit as right of survivorship or joint tenant in VA?

If she and her husband were both on the deed, it will be survivorship. If not, she will have a claim on the property.

When someone left their property to you but they dont have a will or any family?

A person cannot 'leave' property to you unless there is a will. A promise to leave property to someone in a will must be in writing. You could try to make a claim through an equity suit but you would need convincing evidence and witnesses to prove your claim. You should consult with an attorney who can review your situation and explain your options.

Does a person who pays a mortgage but does not have their name on the mortgage have claim to the property?

No. You are simply a volunteer. Your name must be on the deed in order to have any "claim" to the property.

What is the statute of limitations to file a insurance claim in the state of Florida?

The type of claim effects the answer. Generally there are three types: 1) action against a policy is 5 yrs (claim by a person to their own company) 2) property damage is 4 years (someone else damaged your property and you're making a claim against them) 3) bodily injury is also 5 yrs (someone injured you and you are making a claim against them)

Who has right to quiet title?

The plaintiff must be the person(s) who has title to the property and can prove that their claim is the strongest as opposed to that of the adverse party.The plaintiff must be the person(s) who has title to the property and can prove that their claim is the strongest as opposed to that of the adverse party.The plaintiff must be the person(s) who has title to the property and can prove that their claim is the strongest as opposed to that of the adverse party.The plaintiff must be the person(s) who has title to the property and can prove that their claim is the strongest as opposed to that of the adverse party.

On real property can an heir of a person named in a Joint Tenancy with Rights of Survivorship with someone else make a valid claim for ownership of the property?

NO. When two people own property as joint tenants with the right of survivorship and one dies the other AUTOMATICALLY owns the property. You cannot make a claim as an heir at law of the decedent.

What happens if you die and you have no family to claim your body?

If a deceased person has no person(s) to claim the body, the body will be buried at a State site. Records will be kept in the event a person does claim the person. If not, any property the person owned will become State property and most often auctioned off, or in the case of a home will be returned to a bank.

Does adding someone to Quit Claim Deed mean that the original owner is permanently forfeiting total ownership of the property?

A quit claim deed gives whoever is on it the same rights to the property as the original holder had. If you create a quit claim deed for property you hold title to and put your own name on it along with someone else, you are essentially splitting the property in half.

Who was the first person to claim that all of England was their property?

William the Conqueror

How does a life estate deed supersede a will?

If the owner of the property granted a life estate to someone else while still living their property is encumbered by the life estate when they die. The life tenant has a prior claim on the real estate: the right to the use and possession for the duration of their natural life. The beneficiaries of the will inherit the property subject to that life estate.

Can you quick claim property from your name to another person even though you are married?

You can quit claim your rights to the property. However, that doesn't quit claim your spouse's rights to the proprty. Once married the spouse in most states has rights to the property.

What Quit claim deed for joint ownership?

Quit claim deeds are used to convey a persons interest in a property to another person. It can be the person you have a joint ownership with or someone else. You can only convey the interest you have so it depends on how you took title and what kind of ownership you have.

How long does an estranged spouse have to claim personal property?

Depending on the type of property, a person has a year and a day to get it in this area.

if a person haven't paid taxes on a peice of property for over six years can someone else catch up the taxes and claim the property?

It depends on the property, the law in that jurisdiction, the amount of taxes owed and the disposition of the property at the County Tax Assessor's office. If you are aware of such a property, contact the County Assessor for information.

Someone is renting your land after a few years do they have an appeal to your land?

Answer: By renting your land they are acknowledging that you are the owner. There would be no grounds for an adverse claim. Adverse possession arises when a person uses someone else's property without permission of the owner of the property. A landlord and tenant relationship clearly demonstrates that the property was used with the permission of the owner.

What is a quick claim deed transfer?

It is a 'quit claim' deed. It means the grantor gives any rights to the property to the new person.

Can person who does not know about a reward claim it?

A person who does not know about a reward cannot claim it for the simple fact that they would have no idea they were a winner. If someone informed them of their reward, they would then be able to claim it.

What does it mean when someone has filed a lien against your property?

A lien is a claim against your property by a creditor. You cannot sell or mortgage the property until the lien has been paid.

What is a mortgage lien?

Mortgage Lien - Is a legal claim against a mortgaged property that must be paid or assumed when the property is sold. The person who has the lien on the property can claim the property if the loan defaults. The mortage lien typically belongs to the lender in order to secure the mortgage loan.

Can a person who has been using a piece of property for nine years that belongs to another person say that it is theirs?

Answer: A person cannot make an adverse claim on property if they had the owner's permission to occupy it. The nature of your use of the property would need to be ascertained.

Homonyms for air?

heir the person who inherits property after the death of its owner the person who has legal claim to a title or throne when the person holding it dies