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Can a person who has primary residence in a joint custody be required to pay a child support portion?


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Family Court when deciding issues such as child support, takes many factors into consideration. Where the child(ren) live for the majority of the time. Which parent has the largest expendable income. How joint custody is set up. For instance, if the child(ren) live with you during the school year. But, with the other parent during holidays, summer vacation, etc. Each parent could be liable for paying support for the length of time the child is in their care.


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The parent you primarily reside with. The parent with physical custody.

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The purpose of joint legal/physical custody is for the parents to cooperate in all decisions, but in the real world this has not happen. see link

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It means one parent is granted physical custody of the child the majority of time (in other words, your primary residence is with that parent). However one parent may have primary physical custody but joint legal custody where the other parent has equal decision making power in the child's life.

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It means one parent has greater possession of the child.

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