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Report it stolen.

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Q: Can a person who holds title to a vehicle have it repossessed from someone driving it as a loaner?
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What does Loan mean when you loan money to someone?

Loan means credit when you loan to somebody giving that somebody credit. You are the loaner and the person given credit is the Lonee. Loaner is the lender and the Lonee is the borrower.

If your loaner car was totaled and you do not have insurance what should you do?

get a good will (assuming you are at fault for this loss) be require to pay for the totaled vehicle.........

If your auto insurance allows you to drive other people's vehicles do the other cars still need their own insurance for you to be covered?

Although your own auto insurance may very well follow you to a loaner vehicle. It only follows you as "Secondary" coverage. It is still the vehicle owners responsibility to provide "Primary" coverage for his or her vehicle when that vehicle is being operated on public roads regardless of who is driving it.Additionally, If an officer runs the license plate of the loaner vehicle you are driving and finds that it is uninsured. The driver will be ticketed. It is not the officers responsibility to determine if your coverage from your own vehicle transfers to the one you are driving. You could always argue that in court at a later time if you wish in your defense.If an at fault accident were to occur, Both the driver and the vehicle owner can be held financially liable for any damages or injuries that may occur, so the owner must still have the vehicle insured to cover his or her own liabilities even though they may not have been driving the vehicle at the time of the accident.Remember that it is the vehicle owners responsibility to provide "primary" coverage for the vehicle.AnswerIn all likelihood, yes, the car does need to be insured. This is because the vehicle in question would have to be properly registered in order to do this it must be properly insured. That being said, the owner of the vehicle can buy insurance just to cover the car while it's parked. Double check with your insurance company. It is likely to cover the car while you, the insured, are driving it.

If the car you just financed is hit by an uninsured car does the dealer have to give you a loaner?

Not unless you purchased a warranty or something that said they had to. Just because you purchased a vehicle from someone/dealer doesn't make them responsible for your rental while yours is under repair.

Who wins in credit transaction?

the loaner

What is loaner for tagalog?


How can fast cash loans be acquired?

Fast cash loans can be acquired by visiting a fast cash loaner. Once you have visited a loaner, the loaner normally requires three previous pay stubs and proof of identity.

What is a loan pony?

a loan pony is a pony that a loaner or leaser uses as their own but is owned by someone else, and they can have the pony back at any time

What actors and actresses appeared in The Loaner - 2007?

The cast of The Loaner - 2007 includes: Caroleen Feeney as Joan Mayzee May as Chauncey Van Dimmer

Can a co-signer on a default auto loan take possession of the car?

Yes. I believe the loaner will contact you with a past due amount, or send you a bill. If this hasn't happened yet, contact the loaner and tell them you want possesion if the car is not being paid for by the buyer. * No. A cosigner has no legal right to a vehicle unless his or her name appears on the title. The cosigner will have to make the payments to keep the vehicle from being reposssesed or have the vehicle refinanced in his or her name with the primary borrower being released from the current agreement, this can only be done if the lender agrees.

The meaning of weirdo?

the meanin is you for lookin it up you loaner

Do you have to pay damage on a loaner from the dealer?

Yup ... your insurance should cover the damages. The dealer lent you a car in good faith stipulating that the vehicle is returned on the date and time agreed and in the same condition.

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