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Q: Can a person with a Connecticut learners permit drive in Colorado?
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How long does a Texas learners permit last?

A Texas learners permit will last approximately one year. If the person is unable to obtain a drivers license, they will need to reapply for a new learners permit.

What car insurance is available for person on learners permit?


Where can a person get their learners permit from?

In the United States of America ...You can get your learners permit from only one place the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) of the state you reside in.

How much is the replacement fee for a learners permit?

It is important to keep track of a learners permit. If a person loses it the cost can be as low as $15 to as high as $35. It depends on the state.

Can someone with a Rhode Island learners permit drive in other states?

Yes, someone with a Rhode Island learners permit can drive in other states. However, the person with the permit must be driving with an adult rider in the car.

Can a minor with a learners permit drive an intoxicated person as long as they have tier license?

No way that could be dangurous

Can a driver with a learners permit from Maryland drive with a person licensed in Arizona?

Yes, as long as the other person is a legally licensed driver.

Do you need a licences driver in the car if you only have a learners permit in Richmond Virginia?

Yes. Nowhere in the US is a person allowed to drive alone on a learner's permit.

How many times can you renew a Mo motorcycle permit?

How many times can a person renew there Class A permit ?

Can a person with nys learners permit drive in these states pa va nc?

Pennsylvania - no. The other two, yes.

If a person with a learners permit is involved in a crash but is not at fault will the person at fault's insurance pay?

a "learners permit" is a legal binding "permit" to drive, as long as the "learner" is following and abiding by the rules and regulations of the permit and there is proof the other driver is at fault the other insured would be require to cover all expenses incurred However in some states that law places some of the percentage of fault on the other driver

Do you get your licenses after your learners?

Yes a learners permit allows you to drive a car etc. with a licensed person in the car with you for the purpose of teaching you how to drive. A license allows you to drive whenever and wherever you want.