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Can a playstation 3 ntscj Japanese play all games and dvds from any region?


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May 23, 2009 10:16PM

yes, because the Ps3 uses blu-ray technology and not CD'S so it will play any region games. your welcome!

well, although the answer above seems to be correct. However, from my experience, I can play any region DVD/BLuRay on my PS3 (bought from US and used in Asia). The voltage difference doesnt matter, as there is a universal adapter inside PS3(not visible outside) which takes care of it. Also, the NTSC/PAL difference does not matter. This is primarily because, although the region code locks, NTSC/PAL, voltage etc. are different from one place to another and piracy is big trouble, but changing manufacturing components is a bigger problem. Especially when they are all manufactured, fitted and tested in one location (namely China or Taiwan). If companies had to keep changing their hardware for each location they would instantly become a loss making units or the consumer will have to pay double what he is doing right now.