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A police officer should show his badge when he approaches you. If the badge is not visible, ask to see it. If you ask for the badge number, the officer should give it to you. If the officer refuses, you should report it to the police department.

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Q: Can a police officer refuse to give his badge number?
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How can you locate a police officer by his badge number?

Police are identified and registered by their badge number. The best way to find one by his or her badge number is to request a meeting with the officer through the Police Department.

How do you find out if a police officer is retired?

You ask the police officer, or they would've turned in their badge,you would see them without a badge.

What do the numbers under badge mean?

If you are referring to a police officers badge, each officer is assigned a personal identification number. If you had a reason to find out or indicate who a particular officer is or was, you could give his/her badge number, and this number would identify the officer. In other words, the number connects to a name.

Is a police officer required to give you his badge number if asked?

Police officers are required to display and provide their identification on requestβ€”except when they aren't. Many of us believe that we can ask any police officer for their name or badge number, and that a refusal to provide it is a violation of the law.

How would you find out a police officers name if you had his collar number 2921 UK?

If you have the badge number of a police officer, you can find out his or her name. Simply call the police station in that jurisdiction and ask for it.

Can you get a police officer badge?

It depends on state law. In the state where I live, it is legal to have a police badge as long as it is for collecting purposes only. Using a police badge for any other purpose such as impersonating an officer is illegal in federal and state law.

Is it legal to keep police badge for personal security?

A retired police officer may keep and display their badge in most jurisdictions. The badge will not protect you, its the training that does.

What is a police officers badge called?

It is most commonly referred to as their 'badge' but it is also known as an officer's 'shield.'

How do you look up badge numbers?

I assume you want a badge number to make a complaint. Call the Police Department where the officer works. Then ask for Internal Affairs. They can find out which officer was working in the area where the problem occurred.

What is the number 1 thing a police officer should carry?

HandcuffsAdded: Their badge and identification folder.

When is the badge number issued to a police officer?

In most cases, badges are issued to officers when they graduate from their basic police (academy) training. However, not all badge have numbers, and the officer's "badge number" may not have anything to do with his badge. Most officers do have a number associated with their law enforcement position, but this might be a state commission number, issued by the agency that certifies all officers in that state. In that case, the officer would keep the same number at any agency he worked within that state, even if he changed departments one or more times. The officer's number may be a serial number indicating his seniority among other governmental or department employees.

How can you locate a police officer by badge number?

You would have to know what police department that police officer works for. Most agencies have the same type of numbering system. Assuming you know that information, just call that agency's non emergency phone number and talk to the dispatchers. Badge numbers are public record and they have to let you know who it belongs to, at least their last name. If your purpose was to file a complaint, or commend an officer, you can always do so by using the badge number instead of the name. They will figure it out and the process will continue as it should.

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