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No because it's confidential and he's breaking the law! He can use other excuses as to why you were let go, but when it comes to this sort of thing he's up to his neck and in a lot of trouble. You could actually sue your former employer for leaking this information. It is no different than if you were on antidepressants and your employer leaked out this information to a prospective employer. If you caused an accident at work or were off a great deal from work (danger to other employees) because of your drug problem, then you need a good lawyer to get you off this one. Always check with your Labor Relations in your area and get the goods from the horse's mouth. Marcy

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Q: Can a previous employer tell a perspective employer that the employee was fired due to failing a drug test?
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Certainly. An employer has ZERO duty to allow your meds as an excuse for failing to perform as required, whether you tell the boss of the drugs or not.

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Probably. If your employer is testing you It depends on what drug, how much and how the employer feels about it.

Can an employer fine an employee in Florida?

no, amazingly enough Answer: Now more than ever, organizations of all sizes struggle to comply with multiple regulatory guidelines and manage the risks and penalties of failing to operate within the rules.

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Can a former employer tell prospective employers you were terminated due to failing a drug test in Michigan?


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Can mcdonalds hold my check for signing a write up?

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Can claiming approved overtime when you did not fully complete the task to required standard be considered an example of theft or fraud?

If you were actually working for your employer for the time for which you are claiming, then no, it is unlikely that a court could convict you of theft or fraud (which are CRIMINAL offences prosecuted by the police). However, if you knowingly failed to do your job properly then MORALLY you are defrauding your employer and stealing, you are failing to honour your CIVIL contract of employment. Your employer could therfore terminate your employment and the CIVIL courts (prosecuted by your employer) would likely support your employer in this action.

Employment Regulations Against Discrimination?

Anti-discrimination laws protect employees from unfair treatment during the hiring process or while at work. Employers can't make employment decisions on the basis of illegal discrimination, including failing to hire or firing employees because of attributes that are protected from discrimination such as race or religion. Employers can't choose not to hire someone on the basis of the employee's race, religion, gender, ethnic background, nationality, age or the presence of a disabling condition. In some states, employers also may not consider an employee's sexual orientation or gender identity, although in most states these are not protected classes. Employers aren't barred from asking questions about an employee's protected class status on an application or in an interview; however, if an employee isn't hired, the employer may have to prove in court that the decision wasn't based on discrimination. For example, an employer can ask whether an employee has a disability, but can't choose not to hire the employee based solely on the presence of the disability. Some employers require employees to pass a background check prior to being hired. The employee must give her consent to the background check in writing. Usually employers require the potential employee to sign a consent form as part of the application. The consent form should inform the employee of the nature of the background check and provide an address where the employee can get a copy of the background check that is being used. If an employee isn't hired due to a background check problem, the employer must give her a written notice stating the problems in the background check and informing her that she has the right to a free copy of the background check if she writes to an address given in the notice. Most employees, once hired, are hired "at-will." This means that either the employee or the employer can terminate employment for any reason that is not prohibited by law. Neither party needs to give the other party advance notice, although it's customary for employees to give two-weeks notices before leaving a job. If an employee is fired, he usually can't sue for wrongful termination if he is an at-will employee, with the exception of being fired due to membership in a protected class. However, employees who are involuntarily terminated may be entitled to unemployment compensation if they were fired for any reason other than gross misconduct.

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What does it really mean when your ex-employer spreads the word that you have immoral character and negative creditability?

This means that your employer believes that you are not a very good or productive employee. Immoral character is defined as an individual who carries violating moral principles. Someone who doesn't conform to the norms and values of society or conduct. For example, having sexist or racist views or failing to follow rules, etiquette standards and procedures. Credibility describes how trustworthy and believable an individual is. So negative credibility is stating that your employer believes you cannot be trusted. For example, if you are a compulsive liar, speak against co-workers behind their backs or you can't get things done when asked. We can't tell whether this is true or not because we don't know you as a person. It's not unusual for angry employers to overreact. However there are courses and help out there available which will help you to change your negative points, if what the employer says is truly the case. Your employer can freely give his or her opinion on how you are as an employee if you use them as a reference on job applications. However they may not just spread such things around like rumours, as such act is a criminal offence known as "defamation of character".

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Based on nothing except what is contained in the question I would say that it is POSSIBLE that you might . . to wit . . 'failing to properly supervise their employee.' Consult with an attorney for a legal opinion, and give them all the facts you can gather.

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