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No. Do not leave you pool empty during the winter. Numerous problems are caued by draining the pool and leaving it empty. The best way I can think of to answer your question is with this "Disclaimer" we have to use. DRAIN AND ACID WASH DISCLOSURE STATEMENT AND ACKNOWLEDGMENT (Rev. 11/04) DRAINING AND/OR ACID WASH TREATMENT OF A SWIMMING POOL

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What recent economic or political problems has Wales recently had?

Closing the mines under Thatcher did massive damage. Emigration during the great depression did damage to the language.

Where in Africa did deadly tsunamis recently cause extensive damage?

On the east coast, during the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami

Materials were damaged during construction. Who pays?

Depends, what caused the damage, what types of coverage/policys do you or the contractor have? With additional info I can try to be of more assistance.

How do you calculate the ending direct materials inventory?

Beginning Direct Materials Add: Materials purchased during period Less: Materials Used during period Equals: Ending Direct Materials

What Basic inorganic materials used during photosynthesis?

H2O and CO2 are used as basic inorganic materials during photosynthesis.

What are the new materials that are produced during a chemical reaction?

The new materials that are produced during a chemical reaction are called products. The materials that react to form products are called reactants.

Which kind of damage included broken railroads factories and bridges during the Civil War?

physical damage

Identify which seismic waves cause most of the damage during an earthquake?

Surface wave cause the most damage during an earthquake.

What are the basic inorganic materials used during photosynthesis?

There are two materials. They are CO2 and water

What are the nutrients and the materials cells take in and products that are released during photosynthesis?

What are the nutrients and the materials cells take in and products that are released during photosynthesis?

What checks for cell damage during the Cell Cycle?

During the cell cycle CDK and Cyclin check for cell damage and oversized cells.

Why is diet so important to performance and conditioning?

Because foodstuff provide the basic materials needed to generate energy, remove the metabolites caused by exercise and to repair any damage caused during exercise

What kind of damage happens during a tornado?

there are 6 different types of damage in a tornadoEF0 minor to no damageEF1 moderate damageEF2 considerable damageEF3 severe damageEF4 devastating damageEF5 incredible damage

Why is fire damage a large concern during an earthquake?

Fire damage to a structure weakens the stability of the structure. Structures with fire damage are a concern during an earthquake due to their stability and the high chances of them collapsing.

What materials were available during the time of Leonardo da vinci?

The materials that were available during the time of Leonardo da Vinci included mostly artworks.

What materials are transported during blood circulation?

are transported during blood circulation

What Materials that transported during blood circulation?

nsported during blood circulation

What are the materials being ejected during Mount Giluwe last eruption?

What materials are ejected from volcanoes?

What are the materials being extruded during volcanic eruption?

lava flows,gases&pyroclastic materials

Will new insurance cover a damage roof?

They would cover it if the damage occured during the policy period. The damage would have to be sudden and accidental damage, not wear and tear.

What can happen during a flood?

major properity damage,plumbing damage,death,injury,mold and mildew,electricity damage,blackouts,diseases.

What are some economic consequences of Fetal alcohol syndrome?

The main effect of FAS is permanent central nervous system damage, having recently drunk alcohol, and up to 30% drink alcohol at some point during pregnancy.

What natural disasters endanger or damage the desert?

Water damage during rare occasions of heavy rain.

What is essential during damage assessment for the success of subsequent airfield damage repair activities?

Speed and accuracy

What kind of damage include broken railroads factories and Bridges during the civil war?

Physical damage