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Most courts have ruled that you CANT enter a closed dwelling. Carport yes, garage NO. Call a local attorney NOW with the facts and any witnesses you have. Good Luck

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Q: Can a repo man enter your closed but unlocked garage and take your vehicle when you are not home?
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Are repo men allowed to enter an unlocked garage even if it is closed?


Can a police officer enter and inspect your property if your garage door is open and the gate is unlocked?


Can a repo man in WA state enter your garage?

Not if its closed.

Is it legal in Maryland for a repo agent to enter your closed garage at night to repossess your vehicle?

It is NOT legal to enter a garage in any state to repo a car, unless the repossession agent has a replevin order issued by the court that holds jurisdiction. Call a local attorney.

Is it breach of peace to remove a vehicle from a closed garage?

In some places it is not permitted for a repo man to enter a closed garage. In California, for example, a repo person can come on to private property to locate and take a vehicle, but cannot enter a locked placed, can't go inside the house, can't threaten or bully. This is not universal. In some areas the repo man can break open locks, etc.

Can the car get taken out of a closed garage Detroit Michigan?

Nowhere is it legal for breaking and entry. Repomen/woman cannot enter a closed garage or locked gate to aquire property

Can a vehicle be repossessed from a locked garage in Texas?

The car can only be repossessed from a locked garage if the car is spotted in the garage from a window or a crack, but the repo company cannot enter the garage if the car was not visibly spotted.

Can a repo man take your car out of a closed garage in fayetteville North Carolina?

he cannot break & enter to get the car.

Where can the repo company legally repo cars?

Anywhere except Federal Property (unless they have the necessary permits and licensing) and Native American Reservations (unless they have the permission of the tribe). So, pretty much anywhere. The single exception is that they may not enter a closed building such as a garage, however, if the can successfully hook the car from outside the garage, most states will turn a blind eye to the vehicle being dragged out an open door. And, if you have the vehicle closed in the garage, the driver will attempt to request you surrender it. If you refuse, likely as not he will return with a replevin and a law enforcement officer to take possession of the vehicle. Just give it up.

Can a repo man go into your closed garage to repo your car also can he call the police to make you open the garage door so he can take the vehicle?

No, they cannot enter the garage locked or not without a court order. Likewise police would not get involved in the issue unless such an order was in place or they were called due to a physical altercation or other violation of the law.

Can they take your car from de garage closed in Florida?

The reason a car is being repossessed is due to non payment (as promised in written and signed agreement). Until the buyer or lessee has clear title to the vehicle, they have no rights in ownership. Housing a car you don't own in a locked garage is illegal - it is then considered 'stolen' and with the proper court documents, the agency can enter and remove the vehicle.

Do repo people have to ID who they are when they come on private property?

Repo people are the scum of the earth. They are nothing more than prostitutes for finance companies. Yes, the can follow you as long as they do NOT try to physically remove you from your vehicle. That would be an assault. If they enter your private property, you can tell them to leave, if they don't, that is criminal tresspassing. Anytime you park your vehicle, either have it parked in a closed garage or have it blocked by other vehicles. Repo folks cannot enter a closed garage (at your house) or remove any vehicles blocking your vehicle. Repo folks can have keys cut to your vehicle WITHOUT your permission. Repo folks can tell you by law, you must give up your vehicle to them...THAT IS A LIE I am in the towing business and they cause so much trouble for towing companies. If you get out of your unattended vehicle for just an instance, consider your vehicle GONE ........

Can a SUV be repossessed from a closed garage in Georgia?

No that is called breaking and entering.But stupid things like breaking the law have never stopped some repo companies.You should sue the lender not the repo criminnal.Check for damage and file a police report.Then sue you don't need a lawyer you represent yourself. The repo company cannot "Breach the Peace" to get a vehicle. In short, that means they cannot; pull you over or make you stop while driving down the road. Or, physically remove you from your vehicle. They must leave your property when requested to do so. They connot enter a closed private garage. Remember, the rules of leaving property are different for (home owner v. renter, public garage, apt. complex etc.) Keeping a vehile listed for repossission in a closed garage will help you out in the short term. The repo company can and will go back to the lender and obtain a court order to come inside the garage and take possession of the vehicle. This may take a matter of two weeks to a month. If that is all the time you need to get caught up or file the necessary BK paperwork it might be a good plan. But keeping the vehicle in a closed garage will not help out forever.

Can the reepo man come anytime on any day?

Repo Man can come anytime but cannot enter your garage if your vehicle is parked in it.

Can lender come into the borrowers backyard to repossess a vehicle?

Yes, as long as the action does not constitute a breach of peace. The repossession agent may not however, remove a lock on a gate or enter a closed structure such as a garage whether it is locked or not. In a few states the repossessor cannot enter posted property, or can only do so at their own risk.

Can a repo man enter a property like a garage an still take your car?

Not legally, its private property. They still will thou. If you can lock it from the inside most wont destroy property. If its unlocked say goodbye to your car. Even if the side door is unlocked they can go in and unlock it.

Can a police officer enter and inspect your property if garage door is open and gate is unlocked?

No. Unless you prove to be doing suspisious behaivor or your house smells like dank they have to have a warrent of some kind.

In Georgia Can a repossession company remove your car from your locked garage if the car was a gift and not in your name?

A repossession agency cannot enter a garage locked or otherwise to recover a vehicle unless the agent has a replevin (court) order to seize the vehicle. Additionally, a vehicle cannot be gifted in the usual sense, to another person unless there is a clear title, meaning the vehicle has been paid for in full and there are no lien holders. If the title is not in the person's name who has the vehicle, they do not own the vehicle.

Can they legally say they were here to do a vehicle condition report and without permission enter the garage and take the car?

They can, but its not legal. Repo men have no legal authority to enter your gated property or your home without your concent to get a vehicle. If they do so you are entitled to call the police and press charges for trespass.

Can repo man enter garage or home?

No, a repo man can enter your driveway but if the car is in a locked garage they do not have the right to enter without your permission. This rule applies to your home as well.

Can a repo company come onto private property to obtain vehicle in the state of TN?

Yes as long as he does not go into a garage or cuts a lock to enter through a fence

If a repo-man is trying to repo your motorcycle but it is taken apart and in a locked garage can they try to break in?

legally they are not aloud to break and enter into a building to get anything now if your garage is open and the repo man comes by and sees that he will try to take the item needed repo-ed and that is ok It is legal in some states for a repo man to enter an open, unlocked garage. In others it is a crime, and conducting a repossession in a case like this would be prosecutable as Larceny from a Building.

In Illinois can a repo man enter a closed garage without permission?

Your alternatives are, you can make a big stink about how he got into your garage or you can just face the fact that the lending institution wanted their vehicle back. If you lock up the vehicle and prevent the lending institution from getting their vehicle, it's effectively theft. If you insist on your right to hide the vehicle, the bank would go after you for theft. Be grateful that everything ended without you going to jail. You'll still be required to pay the difference between the outstanding loan amount and the income from the auction of the vehicle, but you're not locked up. Don't let people convince you that you can keep what isn't yours. It will just get you into trouble.

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