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In Florida you cannot enter a garage even if the door is open if the garage is attached. If it is a carport, you are open game.

That is B&E if you ask me.

It's not B & E if the door is already open, because there was no "B" to the "E". Maybe a criminal justice course could help you with this.

However, different states have different laws pertaining to this. Before you issue a blanket statement of yes or no, you should refer to which state you're asking about.

And I don't think you are accurate on Floridas law.

In Fl you cannot have a breach of the peace during a repossesion. the repo man cannot enter a dwelling to get the car. That means even if garage door is open.

However, possession is 9/10ths of the law. Your car is still gone no matter what kind of legal action is taken against the repo company.

Your car may be gone, but you still have your rights. Sue the driver and the tow company and file complaints with the BBB, Consumer Protection, and the FTC. The tow driver broke the law.

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Q: Can a repo man enter your garage without permission to get a vehicle?
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