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HECK NO, if he could have had you arrested, he would have and taken your car. He would not have worried about you signing any paperwork.He was just blowing smoke.

I don't know what the paperwork was because it was dark outside and he kept hasseling me to sign it. What do you think it probably was? I remember seeing something about 45 days and auction. I made payments on the car the next day and was able to avoid the repossession, but I am concerned about what I signed. Would I be able to get a copy of those papers? Even thought the repo did not go forward, did I incur any additional fees for that?

Jill, I think you need to go to the lender and ask for a copy. times may be tough and you may get behind but ya still need to pay attention to what ya sign. You might be MARRIED to the repoman...LOLOL

2015-07-15 18:19:26
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