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Copy California you are REQUIRED to have an inventory list of the items in the unit at the time of repossession, therefore we are allowed to charge for the inventory and storage of said property......

2011-09-12 15:07:36
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What happens to the tags on a car when it has been repossessed?

They take out the personal belongings. This includes the tags. Check with the repo company or lender for that stuff back.

Can repo people keep your stuff?

Wait!! Until you have fully paid for an item, it is not yours. If you have stopped paying for your stuff before the agreement is over, the company can come and take it back. And, they do not need to negotiate further with you for its return.

How long does a repo company have to take your car?

As long as it takes to get it back.

Can your car be repo if you have no insurance?

The repo man will not care if your car has insurance or not. If you haven't been paying for your car, the finance company or bank will take their car back.

If your husband left with a car that is only in your name and he will not return it can you take it back or repo it legally in Oregon?

IF the TITLE is in your name only, you can take it back OR report it stolen.

What if the repo man is trying to take car back and don't identifier self and you shoot in the air to scare them off?

Type your answer here... Can a repo man not indentifer his self

What happens when a sim doesn't pay the bills?

The repo men will come and take stuff that adds up to the value of the unpaid bills.

Does a repo show on your credit when you voluntarily return it?

Yes, a repo is a repo whether you give it up or they take it.

If your car get repo do you have to pay the balance off?

They repo your car and sell it at auction or sometimes to a good buddy. What they sell it for is deducted from your debt but they add back the cost of the repo and selling at auction. Now - If they think the amount still owed is worth going after you and your assets -then they can go to court for a judgement. If you can't hang on to it ask them to take it back before they spend the money to repo it.

Is it against the law for a repo man to take your belongings out of the car and then tell you to pay 200 dollars if you want your own stuff back?

Most companies if you dont pick up your belongings in the first 24 hours they start charging you storage fees.

What will happen to you if the repo man comes to get your car while you're traveling out of state?

1)he will take the car you left if that is the car to be repoed. 2)If you are traveling in the car to be repoed he will wait for you to return and repo it after you get back.

Can a repo guy pick up merchandise earlier than agreed to take more stuff and break into a garage?

Not sure exactly what you mean about 'agreed to time" ect. BUT breaking into anything to repo is a NO-NO. Call a local attorney for state specific advise.

Is it legal for school to take away cell phones and charge to get it back in Texas?

It is not legal to take anything away in schools and charge to get it back, although you may have to have your parents get it from the office for you.

Can you get in trouble hidding the car from repo?

yes you can. thats why the bank usually hires people to come out and take your car back.

How long does it take a repo man to repo a car in California?

A long time if you hide it well!

What do you do when repo man is here?

You give the repo man the keys to the vehicle and let him take the vehicle.

Can a repo man come to your job and take your car while you are at work or can you stop him?

I worked with a guy that had the repo man come to work to take his vehicle, so yes they can come to your work. If you haven't been making the payments and they decide to repo your car that is that and I don't believe they have to go through any sort of legal procedures to come and take your car. You didn't pay so they come and take back their property, simple as that unfortunately for you.

What are repo people allowed to do in Pennsylvania?

they are allowed to only take the car and if you go after them they can call the police of try top fight you back

Can the repo people take your car after you made a payment?

Yes, until the repo order is canceled by the owner.

What does a voluntary repo actually do to your credit and how severe is it?

Michelle, a repo is a repo is a repo to a credit score. It says you couldn't meet your obligations and the lender had to take back the collateral to try to get their money. A new lender looking a your CR will see 'repo" and say, well, I better charge this person more because they might not pay me back. NOW, IF you pay off the balance due after the repo is sold, then the new lender might say, well, they had hard times but DID pay what they owed. Lets give them another chance at reasonable interest rates. this link into your browser and pick out one to explain "FICO" to you. Good Luck

What happens to your credit with a voluntary repossession?

A voluntary reposession reports on your credit report as a loss. The car company with take the car back and credit a portion of the balance which the owner/leaser still needs to pay on. The creditor will place the "voluntary Reposession" on credit bureau. All in all it will be reported as a charge off debt. If the original owner/leaser doesnt pay the remainder he/she can/will be collected from and could face legal action. A repo is a repo voluntary or not. Ruins your credit for 7 years. What generally happens is that it will be reported on your credit as a repossession. When you go for financing on something else, the repo will pop up and the potential lender will call the lender who reported the repo. When they find out it was a voluntary, it may actually lessen some of the blow of having a repo. But, yes, a repo is a repo.

In Florida can repo men be charged with theft?

Not if they do what they're supposed to do..... #1 They can't repo a car without a order from the dealership, which they should have with them when they get the car. #2 As soon as they get the car in their possession they're supposed to call the police to tell them they've repossessed the car And you can't say they stole anything because it was INSIDE the car. It's law that they have to inventory everything in the car after they repo it. Which pretty much means they take everything out of the car, list it, and for a certain charge they'll give you your things back.

How do you get my car back if they did not leave a number or info?

IF it was the 1st repo on this loan, you should be able to call the LENDER and find out what it will take to redeem the car.

If a repo now shows up on a credit history with 'charge off' does this mean that the balance needs to be paid off even if the repo was two years ago?

Yes it will need to be paid, the good news is the bank will more than likely take a settlement, and only offer to pay them the settlement if the take the repo and chargeoff off your credit, the will play ball!:) for more info on repossessions, you can goto my website at

Can a repo take my car out of my garage?

No, repo persons can not enter your residence without permission and an attached garage is your property.