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NO. Have him arrested if he did that.


Sue the lender/bank do not waste your time with the Repo guys; they are agents of the bank so the bank is responsible for their conduct.

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Q: Can a repo person come into your closed garage and get the car?
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Can a repo man in WA state enter your garage?

Not if its closed.

Is it breach of peace to remove a vehicle from a closed garage?

In some places it is not permitted for a repo man to enter a closed garage. In California, for example, a repo person can come on to private property to locate and take a vehicle, but cannot enter a locked placed, can't go inside the house, can't threaten or bully. This is not universal. In some areas the repo man can break open locks, etc.

If you are home and in your garage can the repo man come inside your garage to try and repo a motorcycle even if you tell him no?

Not if you tell him no nicely.

Are repo men allowed to enter an unlocked garage even if it is closed?


Can a repo man come into your garage to repossess a car?

yes if it is open

Can a repo man take your car out of a closed garage in fayetteville North Carolina?

he cannot break & enter to get the car.

Can a repo man come in your unlocked fence yard and repo your car in the backyard?

yes they are allowed on your property hide it in the garage if you have one

Can your car be repoed while parked in your garage?

Well yes, But if you lock your garage then the repo officer will have to come to your door in order to get the car.

Can a repo take my car out of my garage?

No, repo persons can not enter your residence without permission and an attached garage is your property.

Is it legal in Maryland for a repo agent to enter your closed garage at night to repossess your vehicle?

It is NOT legal to enter a garage in any state to repo a car, unless the repossession agent has a replevin order issued by the court that holds jurisdiction. Call a local attorney.

May a car be removed from a closed garage?

Probably not. If the garage is locked and the repo agent must break the lock, then that is breaking and entering. Even if the garage is unlocked and the act of opening it can (in some areas) be considered breaking and entering.

Can repo men come in your garage?

Yes In most places hiding the car from the repo man is illegal. If he is sure the car is in there he can enter a storage place and reposes the car. But he is not allowed to intimidate or do violence to the person or property damage to make the repossession.

Can a repo man enter your closed but unlocked garage and take your vehicle when you are not home?

Most courts have ruled that you CANT enter a closed dwelling. Carport yes, garage NO. Call a local attorney NOW with the facts and any witnesses you have. Good Luck

Can a repo man come into your open garage in Washington state?

Yes. he cannot break & enter though.

Can the reepo man come anytime on any day?

Repo Man can come anytime but cannot enter your garage if your vehicle is parked in it.

Can a repo man open a closed gate to enter your property?

can a repo man open a closed gate

Can a repo man go into your closed garage to repo your car also can he call the police to make you open the garage door so he can take the vehicle?

No, they cannot enter the garage locked or not without a court order. Likewise police would not get involved in the issue unless such an order was in place or they were called due to a physical altercation or other violation of the law.

Can the police make you open your garage for a repo?


Can a repo man enter a closed garage to repo your car?

Well at this point if a repo agent is there to recover a vehicle or property, You no longer own your car or property the BANK does. If a repo agent gets proper authorities "police" and have paperwork stating the bank owns it the authorities can impel you to open your garage because now you are in possession of stolen property fully owned by the bank. but they also must give you a option to pay it up to date.

Can a SUV be repossessed from a closed garage in Georgia?

No that is called breaking and entering.But stupid things like breaking the law have never stopped some repo companies.You should sue the lender not the repo criminnal.Check for damage and file a police report.Then sue you don't need a lawyer you represent yourself. The repo company cannot "Breach the Peace" to get a vehicle. In short, that means they cannot; pull you over or make you stop while driving down the road. Or, physically remove you from your vehicle. They must leave your property when requested to do so. They connot enter a closed private garage. Remember, the rules of leaving property are different for (home owner v. renter, public garage, apt. complex etc.) Keeping a vehile listed for repossission in a closed garage will help you out in the short term. The repo company can and will go back to the lender and obtain a court order to come inside the garage and take possession of the vehicle. This may take a matter of two weeks to a month. If that is all the time you need to get caught up or file the necessary BK paperwork it might be a good plan. But keeping the vehicle in a closed garage will not help out forever.

Can a repo man open a garage door?

Probably not. If the garage door was closed and locked, and he broke the lock or somehow got it open then it is breaking and entering. If the door was unlocked and he just opened it then it depends on the mood of courts or police.

In Minnesota Can a repo person take your vehicle out of your garage when you are not home?

This question is fundamentally flawed. The repossessor is not removing *your* vehicle from the garage - they're taking *their client's* vehicle - so the answer is YES.

Do you have the right to sue the bank if the repo man opens your garage door with the garage door opener in Texas?

No. The bank didn't do it...... the repo man did. See the problem with your logic?

Can you repo a car inside of a garage?

Yes, but in most states they cannot get a vehicle locked in a garage.

Can repo man enter garage or home?

No, a repo man can enter your driveway but if the car is in a locked garage they do not have the right to enter without your permission. This rule applies to your home as well.