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Can a repo person come into your closed garage and get the car?


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2018-04-06 22:17:41
2018-04-06 22:17:41

NO. Have him arrested if he did that.


Sue the lender/bank do not waste your time with the Repo guys; they are agents of the bank so the bank is responsible for their conduct.


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In some places it is not permitted for a repo man to enter a closed garage. In California, for example, a repo person can come on to private property to locate and take a vehicle, but cannot enter a locked placed, can't go inside the house, can't threaten or bully. This is not universal. In some areas the repo man can break open locks, etc.

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yes they are allowed on your property hide it in the garage if you have one

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Well yes, But if you lock your garage then the repo officer will have to come to your door in order to get the car.

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