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Can a repo person come to a single mothers house at 4:15 am and demand entry into a garage?


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September 12, 2011 3:07PM

Not without a legal search warrant.

** Yes. They CAN come to your door and demand until their lungs turn blue. But you don't have to answer or even listen until they have a Writ of Replevin.. Which you'd be wise to heed since refusing at that point will put you in contempt of court and possibly get a warrant out for your arrest. I know that at least in some states taking it this far can lead to a felony.

But the writ is only obtained after they try to take a judgment against you in court. They don't have to serve you personally to do this.. after so long of trying they can just publish the summons and move on without you there. Keep your garage locked until you either figure out what you want to do and weigh the options or until they show up at your door with a Sheriff and a piece of paper.

Good luck :/