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yes it can!

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Q: Can a saltwater crocodile swallow a child whole?
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Can a snake swallow a crocodile?

Yes.They could separate their upper and lower jaws so they could swallow the victim whole

How do crocodile get and eat their food?

They catch the prey live and swallow them whole without chewing

Can a crocodile swallow a human?

A big one could swallow you whole. But they will normally tear their prey apart under water before eating it.

What does a crocodile use its neck for?

A crocodile uses its neck to swallow prey whole. It also uses it to move its head up and down in the water to hide from predators.

How crocodile eat food?

A crocodile may be able to swallow fish whole. But, for anything larger, the crocodile must grip onto a part of the prey and spin until a piece of flesh is ripped off and then swallowed. This is because the crocodile doesn't have shearing teeth.

A king cobra could swallow an adult alligator?

A king cobra can swallow an adult alligator by sufficating it and then swallowing it whole, but it might take a long time digesting it. No, a King Cobra CANNOT swallow an alligator . An Anaconda can, however, swallow a small crocodile.

Does an American Crocodile swallow its food whole?

it usually bites the food a bit then yes it swallows it most of the time but alligators chew their food

Does the goblin shark swallow its food whole If not how does the goblin shark eat its food?

The Goblin Shark does swallow its food whole. The Goblin Shark does swallow its food whole. The Goblin Shark does swallow its food whole. The Goblin Shark does swallow its food whole.

Names of animals swallow food whole?

Snakes swallow their food whole. Lucy Cano

Do you open capsules or swallow them whole?

You swallow them whole. The capsule is made of gelatin and will dissolve in your stomach.

What animals swallows small animals whole?

Snakes swallow their prey whole. Fish also swallow their food whole.

How crocodile and snakes eat their food?

Crocs don't use their teeth for chewing but rather to grip their prey and they just toss it to the back of their throats and swallow it down. If venomous, the snake will bite their prey, envenomate, kill it, swallow it down whole. If nonvenomous, they would either constrict their prey and swallow it down or just bite and wait for it to stop struggling and swallow.

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