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I did not know that school's issue SS#'s. I thought that only the US Government could issue those out. I don't think that you have an SS#.

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How an international student can get the social security number?

you have to apply for a job ( on-campus), and if you get accepted, then the school can give you a social security number before start working ;) Confirmed (AG)

Can a F1 student get a driver license?

Yes, a student with a F1 can get a driver's license. According to the Department of Homeland Security, international students in America can get a U.S. driverâ??s license and a social security number, when you follow the instructions per the state you attend school in.

Can an international student get a social security number in the us?

Students can. If enrolled in a college all you need is find a job on campus. Oce you did you just a need a letter from employer to apply at the social security office. That's it.

Can an illegal student apply for financial aid?

no. you need a social security number or alien number

How an international student can get the Federal student aid without a alien number or an social secuity number?

I have never had a student who received Federal or State financial aid. You must be either an American citizen or permanent resident. However, an international student should contact the Financial Aid office of the college or university they are attending and ask for any scholarship information particular to international students. Viper1

What does an international student need to get into Harvard?

There are a number of things an international student needs to get into Harvard. They must for example have excellent grades and show evidence of doing many extra curricular activities.

What if your parents wont submit their Social Security number on the FASFA?

Then no federal student aid. Period.

Can you obtain a social security card if you are an illegal minor?

No. If you are here legally, there is no way to get a social security card. However, if you obtain a student visa or work visa, you will be issued a social security number.

What is a visa number on student visa?

A Visa number on any type of visa is like a serial number or control number used usually for security purposes or tracking purposes.

How can I apply for a student Discover credit card?

You can apple for a student Discover credit card at Discover's website. To sign up, they will require your Name and Social Security Number, Address, Date of Birth and a telephone number.

What does ISN stand for?

ISN=Initial Sequence Number ISN=Interactive Student Notebook ISN=International Society For Nephrology

Do international citizens with student visas get alien registration numbers?

In most instances, nonimmigrant students (F1 visas) will not be issued an A number.

Do you need a social security number?

Referring to the application process of colleges and universities, typically you do not need a social security number. For individuals who do not have one, the institution will generate a student identification number. However, if you are a permanent resident or US citizen and wish to apply for financial aid assistance, you will have a problem.

How do I know if I qualify for student loans?

You will qualify for a student loan if you demonstrate the need, have a social security number, enrolled in an eligible degree program and maintain satisfactory academic progress. There are very few other factors that would make a student loan possible.

Is there any expiration date on the social security number which was granted to the F1 visa student who worked on campus?

Social security numbers do not expire. They belong to the person who receive them for life. If the person legally returns to the United States, they would pick right back up using the same social security number.

Is the selective security number your social security number?


If you know the INTERNATIONAL SECURITY IDENTIFICATION NUMBER how do you find ticker symbol?

the ticker symbol is part of the isin,it appears in the latter part of the isin.

How do you buy a Social Security number?

You don't buy a social security number. You go to your local social security office and apply to receive your own personal social security number.Buying a social security number is against the law.

What is the phone number of the Security Pl in Security?

The phone number of the Security Pl is: 719-392-8912.

where do i find my security id number?

“where do i find my security id number

Can you lease a car without social security number?

No, Sorry to Tell you all about this , but it's not possible to lease a car or to get financed to buy one without a social security number and an OK credit score and a good driving record, for all international students and foreigners the only ways to be able to lease is : 1- work on campus to get a social security number and start to file tax. 2- get a co-signer who do have a social security number. Best wishes

You are an international student you do not have a social security number you really need a job you love working with the elderly where can you find a job like that?

First, as an international student, your purpose for being here is to study, not work. Your sponsorship papers had to indicate your tuition, fees, and living expenses were taken care of. The college or university will not even entertain the thought of you working unless you have been a student for at least one academic year. Even so, you will have to explain why there is a need to work. Then, that will lead to the issue of the sponsorship which indicated (so to speak) that your expenses were sufficient. Now, when it come close to graduation, you should speak to your foreign student adviser about the possibility to do practical training. Another option would be the seek employment within the school as a student worker. Other than this, the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) is very particular these days about international students working.

What is the student enrollment (in the total number of students)?

“What is the student enrollment (in the total number of students)?”

What is the ratio of student and teacher ratios in ucla?

The ratio of student and teacher ratios in ucla must be done as follows .First find out the number of Student in ucla.Then , find out the number of teacher in ucla.The, divide the number of Student and the number of teacher.

What is the example of employment certificate?

social security number social security number