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Q: Can a shark live in Lake Huron?
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How big is lake Huron?

lake Huron is 984 feet. it is a beautiful lake wich i live by. im live in Michigan and im a scientist. this measurement was made in 2008

Why is Lake Huron called Huron?

Lake Huron was called lake Huron because of the unique First Nations group huron.

Who are the First Nations people living by Lake Huron?

The indigenous North American tribe called the Huron live there.

What Lake is Lake Huron located on?

Lake Huron is an individual lake. It's not on any lake.

Is Lake Erie west of Lake Huron?

Lake Erie is South of Lake Huron

Which great lake is larger Lake Erie or Lake Huron?

Lake Huron is larger.

What is lake Huron average depth?

lake Huron

How can you use Lake Huron in a sentence?

Lake Huron is a proper name. You can make any sort of sentence using a proper name. You might say "Lake Huron is nice." You could say "I have been to Lake Huron." You might even say "Lake Huron is big."

Can a shark be in a lake with no ocean or river connected to it?

well it can die if its a salt water shark in a fresh water lake, but if its a fresh water shark and its in a fresh water lake it will live.

Which province is lake Huron in?

Lake Huron is in the province of Ontario. Lake Huron is the 2nd largest Great Lake by surface area and the 5th largest freshwater lake in the world.

What is the lake south of Lake Huron but north of Lake Erie?

lake huron. Lake Superior is above wisconsin

Where is lake Huron Located?

lake Huron is located in Michigan

How old is Lake Huron?

lake huron is 878 ears

Is Lake Huron a Great Lake?

Yes, Lake Huron is one of the Great Lakes!

The lake that connects Lake Michigan and Lake Huron is?

it is not a lake, in fact Lake Michigan and Lake Huron are separated by The Straits of Mackinac

If you are located on a lake can you be located on a bay?

Sure, a bay can be a part of a lake. I live on Saginaw Bay on Lake Huron.

Which two Great Lakes border the Middle Atlantic states?

lake michagen and lake huron

Do sharks live in Lake Michigan?

The only shark found in lake Michigan is the bull shark. It's not a high population, but according to the global shark attack file in 1955 George Lawson had his leg bitten by a bull shark in lake Michigan. They swim in through rivers that connect to the ocean. Not many survive the trip but there are some located in lake Michigan.

What part of Canada did the Hurons live?

Near the Georgian Bay on Lake Huron.

How cold is Lake Huron?

Lake Huron is about 65 degrees. I would recommend you go to lake Michigan.

The second largest of the great lakes?

Lake HuronLake Huron.

Where is Lake Huron?

Lake Huron is on the eastern side of Michigan, between Michigan and Ontario. The southern end of the lake is Port Huron/Sarnia, where Huron meets the St Claire River, and the northern end of the lake is the Mackinac Bridge (pronounced "Mackinaw") where Lake Huron meets Lake Michigan. On the East-NorthEast side of the lake it connects to the St Mary's river and Sault Ste Marie and Lake Superior.

What great lake starts with h?


Is Lake Pontchartrain larger than Lake Huron?

No. Lake Huron is almost 60 times larger than Lake Pontchartrain.

Does Lake Superior border Huron?

Lake Superior drains into Lake Huron through the St Marys River.