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Q: Can a sheriff or police force a runaway to return home in the State of Maine if the 16 year old claims she fears to go home?
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In Missouri can the police force a 15 year old runaway return home if the minor has a safe place to live?

The parents can request the police to return the runaway to their home.

Can a police officer force a runaway in Illinois to return home to the state they are from?

Maybe not a police officer but the Childrens Services may.

Can the police help your parents if you move out?

Yes, the police will assist you parents in finding you. You will be listed as a runaway. If they find you they will return you home.

Can a police officer force a runaway in Washington state to return home to the state they are from?

if they have you in custody, yes they can

How do you get a seventeen year old home who left without permission?

Report them as a runaway and ask the police to return him home.

What actions will be taken by the state of if a 17 year old refuses to return home?

Depends on the state. You can be reported as a runaway and the police will bring you back. Anyone who have helped you can be charged with aiding a runaway.

What is the law relating to a 17-year-old who runs away in Alabama?

If you are a minor (under 18) you are a runaway and the police will return you home.

How does one return a motorcycle license plate in Pennsylvania that was found on the road?

You can turn it in to your local Police or Sheriff's office. They will handle it from there.

Does a 16 year old have rights to live with their friends in Nova Scotia?

No, they must have permission from their parents. Otherwise they are a runaway and the police can return them to their home.

Can a police officer force a runaway to go home in Florida if the runaway is found at a friends house?

Yes I believe under Florida State law the officer can compel the runaway, using force where necessary, to ensure the runaway is returned to their place of abode. Failing that they can if required shoot the runaway dead and return the rotting corpse to the parents driveway for decent burial.

What to do if your 17 year old daughter leaves home in Virginia?

Report the child as a runaway. If the police find her they will either return her home or send her to social services.

After what age will the police not think of your child as a runaway in Minnesota?

Seventeen, and if you're done with high school, however parents have the right to force you to return home till your eighteen.

Can your 16 year old leave and go live with her grandmother out of state without your permission in the state of New York?

No, they must have permission. Otherwise they are a runaway and the police can return them to their home.

What action by Congress required Americans to return runaway slaves to their owners?

The Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 required Americans to return runaway slaves to their owners.

What actors and actresses appeared in Return of the Sheriff - 1995?

The cast of Return of the Sheriff - 1995 includes: Rama Messinger as Hostess Itai Segev as Host

What if the 16 yr old runaway is with a relative and does not want to go back?

If you live in the US and assuming you want the child to return home, call the police. The relative has no legal right to keep your child from you, (no matter what the child wants) and can very possibly face criminal charges for it (harboring a runaway, custodial interference, etc).

Why did some slave owners offered a reward form the return of runaway slaves?

Because they can offered a reward for runaway slaves.....Then

Can you move out before your 17 in Texas?

Under Texas law the police can not take a 17 year old into custody and return them to their parents. BUT anyone they move in with can be charged with harboring a runaway (except certain family members).

Can a police officer force you to go home in Washington state?

Generally, police have no authority to force someone go home. Exceptions include: Juvenile is a reported runaway (return to parent/guardian); Juvenile is absent from school (truancy).

If you receive stolen property unknowingly and you have the property in your possession is it your responsibility to return it to the owner?

If you received it unknowingly how would you know who to return it to? The best thing to do is turn it in to the police. well since you are asking that means that you know, which means that you are now knowingly in possession of stolen property. inform the police if nobody claims it you keep it normally.

Violating an order cause the plaintiff keeps contacting you?

If the individual that has the restraining order against them persists in contacting you advise either the Police or Sheriff's Department, then return to the court that issued it and advise the judge of the violation.

Who was the required Northerners to return runaway slaves?

harrit tubman

What is the reward offered for the return of five runaway slaves?


If your 17 and move out 5 months before your birthday against your parents will in North Carolina would charges even get to court by then?

The issue isn't getting court charges through. You get reported as a runaway and the police return you home.

If you male is 17 almost 18 in 3 month if his parents kicked him out and he lived in a good home for 3 months and his parents try to force him to come back does he have to?

If the parents report him as a runaway, the police can return him to his home. Or put him in a detention center.