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Yes, a Chevy 350 can be put in an Astro Van as I own one that I've built. Special motor mounts that make up for the extra length of the motor can be purchased for this swap for about $49.00. Next the plate on the front of the V6 which the alt, Power Steering and Air conditioning connect will bolt up perfectly on a 350. Obviously V6 headers won't work so aftermarket headers will need to be purchased for this swap but stock headers can be altered if your on a budget. A good muffler man can fabricate a dual exhaust system reasonably priced. Lastly check the driveshaft for fit and if it needs to be altered it can be shortened and rebalanced for about $30.00. THAT'S IT! It should cost you around $300 and that's on the high side.

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Q: Can a short block 350 engine be put into a Chevy Astro van?
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Whats the difference between a Chevy long block oil filter and a short block oil filter?

Nothing at all. A long block is the complete engine. A short block is just the engine with no intake, exhaust, or accessories installed.

How much does a Chevy small block short block weigh?

Just the short block, about 300lbs.

What is the lower half of 1996 318i bmw engine called?

The engine block, some refer to this as a short block. a short block refers to the block, crank shaft and pistons.

What is a short block engine?

A short block is a engine that has NO heads are intake. Some short blocks don't even have a oil pan and timing cover either. A long block is the entire engine complete.

How do you know if you have a short block in your 2001 subaru impreza turbo?

Short block is a term for when you buy an engine without a cylider head on it... Long block is a complete engine

What diesel engine has no cylinder head?

A short block. A long block is a complete engine ready to install.

Why does your headlights blink when you start your braking on your Chevy astro van?

probably got a short somewhere.

How much does a Chevy small block short block weigh -?

Roughly 550 pounds dry.

Will Chevy 5.7 heads and intake fit a 5.0 short block Chevy engine?

The 5.7 heads will work if they have the smaller 184 intake valves . Or you will have to bore the block over to get the 194 ,200,or 202 intake valves to fit into the cylinder if not it will lock it up when the valve opens and hits the edge of the block

Why is your 2000 Chevy astro van shutting off?

It's either a short in the wiring or it's not grounded.

Where is the oil filter located on a 1996 Chevy Corvette?

I do not own a '96, but as on all small-block Chvy motors, I believe, it is located on the left rear side of the engine block. The filter is relativly short, and is between the engine block and the exhaust pipe coming off of the left side exhaust manifold.

Where can you find a replacement engine for a 2000 Chevy Astro?

You have several choices: depending on costs: A nationally known company makes engines known as Jaspar. You can check out a local salvage yard but realize you buying a used engine You can check at AutoZone, Pep Boys Check large warehouse dealers like Jegs, Summit Racing You can go to a Chevy Dealer and get another engine from GM Do a Google search for more companies that remanufacture engines. Depending on how long you plan to keep your vehicle, i would look into a "REMANUFACTURED" engine instead of a new one. Remanufactured means it is a used block that has been cleaned and honed and new parts inside of a used block. The blocks are checked to make sure there is no cracks before they remanufacture them. Also there is such a thing known as a short block and long block. A short block counts on using a lot of parts off your engine and can save you money. A long blocks has a lot more newer parts like heads and intake. Depending on how many miles you have on your current block, you may or may not want to go with a short block. And then there is the install.................and ask for a warranty

What does mean by auto transmission engine?

I would assume it means a "short block" engine, as opposed to a "long block" engine used with manual transmissions.

What is the differences between long block short block?

Typically these terms refer to rebuilt engines. And two different ways of ordering them. The Long block comes with rebuilt heads already on the engine, the Short block comes without the heads on the engine.

What is a complete engine assembly called?

A long block. A short block would be without the heads.

Does the jeep grand Cherokee limited V8 have a long block or short block engine?

It has both. The difference between a long block and short block is whats on them. A short block is just that the Block with the pistons and crankshaft. A long block would be the short block with the heads and valve cover attached without any accessories attached.

Does a short block and long block has the same crank shafts?

The crankshaft has nothing to do with a short are long block. A short block is everything but the heads and intake. A long block has the heads and intake all ready on it, Its the complete engine. You have to put the heads and intake on the short block yourself. That is the difference.

When rebuilding an engine do it contain the long or short block?

It can be done either way, you can request a long (complete) or short block (minus heads).

What is the difference between a 454 Chevy truck engine and a 454 Chevy car engine?

I don't think there's a difference, I base my answer on we removed a 454 from a 82 Chevy Suburban on the engine under the timing cover embossed on the front of the engine, "Hi-Perf, Pass. Hope this helps. There's a difference...... Light Truck and Passenger Car engines are the same. Medium and Heavy Duty GM Trucks use a tall deck block. The distance from the crank center line to the top of the cylinders is .4" taller than the short deck block. The block is beefier and the cam is raised. Most parts are interchangeable and one will bolt in place of the other. The tall deck block is taller and wider than the short deck so there are clearance issues when installing in a car. They are commonly used in drag racing because the thicker cylinder walls and the raised cam allow engine builders to bore the cylinders bigger and install longer stroke cranks then can be done on a short deck block.

How much does a Chevy 454 short block weigh?


Will Chevy 5.0 heads and intake fit a 5.7 short block Chevy engine?

Depending on years that you are swapping around....yes. The 305 heads will raise the compression of the 350 considerably. However, the intake valves are a lot smaller than the 350.

Can you fit a short block Chevy into my 89 fiero 2.8 v6?

Short block means the engine has no cylinder heads or intake This will make the job easier, but the engine needs these components. The trans has to be relocated, the drive shafts changed, the water pump on the engine will need to be remote mounted and a special adapter kit and harmonic balancer fited for the small block chev conversion. The last one I did took about 100 hours. Good Luck

When you run your truck out of oil will you need to replace the long block or short block?

engines are either long or short block. it depends on your motor size, but you wont have to replace that. it depends on the amount of damage. but either way. put oil in your truck! it should run out unless there is a leak! A short block is the engine block with crank, pistons, and rods. The long block is a short block with heads, cam, etc. It depends on the situation, but it would be worth a try to put in fresh oil and filter and try to run the engine. Stranger things have happened. If you do have to replace the engine, you might be able to get away with just a short block. Assuming your old heads and cam are in good condition.

What is the firing order for a 1998 350 short block Chevy engine?

1 8 4 3 6 5 7 2 the same one they've been using for 40 years.

Will LT1 fit in 1989mazda rx7 turbo body?

Yes. Any Short Block Chevy will fit.