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if you starve it.

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How can you get your sim pregnant on The Sims 2 pets for GameCube?

You can't on sims 2 pets gamecube. Only pc.

How do you know if your Sim is pregnant Sims 2 Pets for GameCube?

you can only get pregnant on the PC version

Can you have a human baby on the sims 2 pets game for the gamecube once you are married to another sim?

Ithink you can

How do you kill a sim in sims 2 pets for ps2?

on the PS 2 version of the sims 2 pets, your sims can not die.

How do you get 2 player in The Sims for GameCube?

I do not believe there is a sim called '2 player' in the gamecube edition of the sims

How do you make a sim pregnant on sims two pets on playstation2?

You actually can not get a Sim pregnant in Sims 2 Pets.

Can you get pregnant on The Sims for GameCube?

On the Sims 1 for GameCube you can have babies, though your sim is never actually 'pregnant'. In the Sims 2 for GameCube, there are no ages besides adult, so no babies.

Can your sims die in sims 2 pets for ps2?

No your Sims on Sims 2 pets for ps2 cannot die. But they can pass out from starvation, and the paramedic will automatically come revive them. Or, if there is another sim in the house, you can have that sims revive the sim that passed out, if the paramedic takes too long to come. You can revive a sim yourself by having another sims walk close to the passed out sim, and press the "X" button, then select "Revive" I hope this wasn't too confusing!

How can you have a sim baby on The Sims 2 gamecube game?

u cant

Will there be wolves in Sims 3?

In the sims 3 pets your sim can be a werewolf.

Can your make your sim turn into a WereWolf in the sims 2 deluxe without the sims 2 pets?

Unfortunately no, you'll need the sims 2 pets to make your sim turn into a werewolf.

Can you have a sim baby in sims 2 pets?

no only in sims 2 for the PC

Is there any other sims game for wii?

there is my sims kingdom, My sims, Sims party, sims 3, sims 2 castaway, sim animals, sim 2 pets, sim animals africa and that is all i could find

How do you marry somebody in sims 2 pets? can get married on Sims 2, Pets. If you have a good relationship with the sim.

Where can you get Sim Animals?

You need to buy Sims 2 Pets or Sims 2 Pet stories to have pets otherwise nothing of the pets :P

How do you get your sims on sims 2 pets GameCube to woohoo?

On the gamecube it is really the same as other sims games. You have to have a really good relationship with the other sim. Try to make sure they feel the same way they do as you do them. Well you get into the bed then you cuddle, next you try to chose woohoo. If it isn't there that means you need to make your relationship better.

Can sims have pets in sim's 3?

Sims can only have pets in Sims 3 if toy buy the Sims 3 "Pets" expansion. If you are talking about Sims 3 alone, the only pet a Sim can have in Sims 3 standalone is a fish.

How many times dos your Sim have to get abducted by aliens in Sims 2 Pets for Gamecube before they become pregnant?

The answer is at lest 3 through 5 times person.Samual17:Can you get pregnant from being abducted 3 times in the sims 2 pets ps2? I have a gamecube, in the wii. But I would prefer PS2, So please message me in my board and tell me.________Samual17

How do you make your sim a cat on Sims 3?

Unfortunately there is no pets yet in Sims 3.

Can you make a potion in sims 2 pets?

can you make a potion in sims 2 pets? a potion to turn sims in to mermaids or sim plants,etc...

How do you win the sims 2 GameCube?

There is no The Sims 2 game available for the GameCube. And as for "winning", there is none. No Sim games from Maxis have ever had an ending; you play until you become bored.

On the sims life stories can you have pets?

No, but there is another game Sim Pet Stories where you can have pets.

What sim game can you have kids in?

sims 2/3 and pets

How many pets can you have at once on sims 2 pets psp?

you can only have three (if ur sim is lonley)two (if ur sims is with a person)and one(if ur sim is with three people).

Can your Sim have a baby on Sims 2 pets for the PS2?

no it actually can't... i have sims 2 pets and i already now so there... bye....

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