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Can a sixteen year choose where to live?

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The problem with our teenagers today is their spoiled because the government protects them from spanking,but when they get in trouble (under age) it falls on the parent. What all these lil wanta be grown girls need is a good spanking like we had! what would a 16 yr old know about where she want to live?

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Can a sixteen year old choose where to live in the state of Florida?

If you

Can a sixteen year old move out at sixteen in Kentucky?

No, a sixteen year old can not legally move out on their own in Kentucky. Unless the sixteen year old is married or has parental permission they have to live with the parent until they are 18.

Do you have to apply for custody if child is sixteen years of age?

Yes, as long as the child is a minor they can not choose where to live.

What are your rights as a pregnant sixteen year old mother and want to live with your babies fatherif you live in VA?

It depends on the State or country you live in. If I live in the state of Virgina and I get pragnant at age sixteen and want to move in with the father could I?

What age in MD can a child choose which parent to live with?

When you are 18 year old, you can choose where you want to live.

Is it sixteen year old or sixteen year old?


Can a pregnant sixteen year old girl marry a nineteen year old boy in Georgia?

Not if the live in Norway.

Can a sixteen year old female live with a nineteen year old male?

yes, only anal though

In Washington does a sixteen year old have the choice of which parent they want to live with?

see link

Can a 16 year old child choose which parent to live with in Washington?

yep, if you are over 12 then you can choose what parent to live with

Can a sixteen year old make the choice of living with her father?

Minors are not allowed to decide where to live.

Is it illegal to be pregnant by a nineteen year old if you are sixteen years old?

Depending on the state you live in

Can a 12 year old choose who they want to live with in co?

No, minors are not allowed to choose.

May sixteen year old child choose where he lives even if that parent was charged for abusing him and his sister?

The court might ask what parent he wants to live with but they are in no way obligated to follow his wish and especially not if the parent were abusive.

When do you get to choose which subjects to take in high school?

It depends where you live,if you live in the u.k, i think you can choose in year 9,10,11 i`m not really sure because i am not in year 9 yet.

Can A 13 year old choose to live with Grandparents instead of parents in California?

No. You can choose when you are 18.

Is it legal for a sixteen year old to move out and live with another family that is not their own without parental consent?


Is a sixteen year old a minor?

This depends on where you live. Check out the age of consent in your Country, State or province.

Can a sixteen year old decide which parent they want to live with in new york state?

Not as long as you are a minor.

Can a twelve year old choose who they want to live with?

NO, sorry.

Can a 14 year old in Florida choose which parent to live with?


Can a 17 year old choose where to live in California?

No you have to be 18.

What are the emancipation laws for a pregnant sixteen year olds?

They are the same for any other sixteen year old. Most states will allow sixteen year olds to request emancipation.

In Texas does an 18 year old have the right to choose which parent they live with?

If you are 18 you are no longer a minor and can choose to live with either parent (or neither).

Can an 8-year-old child choose which parent to live with?