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As long as they have permission of their parents they can in Texas. Otherwise they have to wait until they are an adult.

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Q: Can a sixteen year old move out of parents home with parents permission in Texas?
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Can a 17 year old move out of their parents home without parent permission in Texas?

The parents are still responsible for them. Without their permission they will have to wait until they are 18 in Texas.

Can a sixteen year old leave home?

yes if he/she is living on there own and if the have the judges permission to be living away from the parents

How can a sixteen year old move out of there parents home in the state of Texas?

They must emancipate you, otherwise you cannot.

At sixteen in Ohio can you move out of your parents house if you move into another trusted family members home?

At the age of sixteen in Ohio, a child can move out of the house and into a family member's home only with the permission of the parents. The parents are still responsible for the child until they are eighteen and may have to pay child support to the other family member.

Can a teenager move out of one parents house to another parents house at sixteen?

you can leave home (with parents permission) at 16 so you probably can move to your other parents house. (If you wait one year then you can leave and get your own house).

What is the legal age for a child to leave home in texas?

18, unless the parents give permission for the child to live elsewhere.

Can you leave home 15 days before 18th birthday in Texas without parents permission?

Technically you are not an adult yet. Until you are, you live where your parents determine is best.

Im 18 years old can you leave home without parents permission i live in Texas?

Yes, but better be ready to support yourself.

Can a child choose to move out of their home at the age of sixteen?

Only in Texas

Is it legal to move out in the state of Tennessee at 17 with out your parents permission?

No, but you can leave home at 18 without needing your parents permission.

What requirements do you need to leave home at 17 in Texas?

The biggest is that they need the parents to give their permission. Otherwise, they shall have to wait until they turn 18.

Can you leave home at sixteen with parental consent?

No. You have to be 18 unless Social Services grants you permission at 16

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