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The owner of the policy can change the beneficiary of the policy. If the original beneficiary has died before the insured, the owner of the policy can designate a new beneficiary at any time.

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Q: Can a spouse change there deceased spouses beneficiary name on a life insurance policy?
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Can a spouse change their deceased spouses designated beneficiary on a life insurance policy?

No. The contingency that triggers payment of a life insurance is the death of the named insured. That person could have changed the beneficiary designation prior to his/her death. Even if the policy had given the power to change the beneficiary to another person, the change would have had to be exercised before the named insured dies.

What happens when the insurance company says one person is the beneficiary and after the paperwork is sent for the deceased they say someone else is the beneficiary?

== == Ask to see the change of beneficiary forms. Verify signatures.

Who can legally change the beneficiary on a life insurance policy if the insured is deceased?

A judge, if there is a good enough reason presented to the court.

Your stepmother did not change beneficiary on life insurance to your dad but your dad is deceased who gets the life insurance?

The person named as the beneficiary on the policy, or on file within the records of the insurance company. James V. Medici, CLU,CLTC Charlotte, NC

Who can legally change the beneficiary on a life insurance policy?

The Insured can change the beneficiary on a life insurance contract.

May the policyowner change the beneficiary after the death of the insured?

Assuming you are talking about Life Insurance the answer is no. Once the insured is deceased, this will trigger the insurance company to pay the benefits to the beneficiary, and the policy will no longer exist. The owner no longer owns anything.

Do you have to change your will or can you just change a beneficiary for your life insurance?

As long as you did not make your beneficiary irrevocable, you can just change your beneficiary. If your beneficiary is irrevocable you are out of luck unless you can get them to authorize the change.

Can you contest a life insurance beneficiary change?

The owner of a life insurance policy has the right to choose the beneficiary. Another person has no power to change that choice.

Can a power of attorney change a beneficiary on a life insurance?

No only the owner of the policy can change the beneficiary.

If you purchase life insurance policy on your adult child naming myself as beneficiary can adult child change beneficiary?

The purchaser of an insurance policy names the beneficiary.

If someone is not of sound mind can they change the beneficiary on their insurance policy?


If someone is divorced can he still be the beneficiary on a life insurance policy?

yes. until you change the beneficiary they will stay on there

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