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Yes, it is possible.

The state that you were arrested or ticketed in can send documents to the department of transporation in your state requesting suspension if the offense warranted it. The thing that has to be looked at is "was the offense committed in the current state a suspendable offense in your state." If not, your state may not suspend your license. But you may be restricted from driving in the offense state. This is a common occurrence with OWI/DWI convictions, and most states will suspend your license for a conviction on this offense in another state.

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Q: Can a state suspend an out of state license?
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Can one state suspend your liscense if its in a different state?

Any state can suspend your license if you were driving on their roads. For instance, my license is an Indiana license. Michigan can't suspend my license because they don't have jurisdiction in Indiana. Michigan can, however, suspend my license if I was driving on Michigan's roads.

Can PA suspend a GA driver licence?

Pennsylvania can suspend an out-of-state license holder's privilege to drive in the state of Pennsylvania, but they cannot actually suspend the license of an out-of-state driver. They can request for that state to suspend it on their behalf, but that state has no obligation to comply.

Can another state suspend your license for a violation you did in a nonresident state?

The state itself cannot, but they can take away your privilege to drive in their state, and they can also ask your resident state to suspend your license.

Can The State of Florida can suspend your license if you misuse a restricted license?


Can Oklahoma suspend a Texas drivers license for how long?

They can suspend your driving privilege in the state of Oklahoma, meaning that, if they do this, and you're caught driving in Oklahoma on any license, it'll be treated as you driving on a suspended license. As for actually suspending the license, they can request that the state of Texas suspend it, and the state of Texas will make the call as to whether they comply or not.

Can the state of Washington suspend your Oregon license?

It depends. If you get a ticket in Washington and do not pay, WA will notify your home state and then your home state will suspend your license. Any tickets you receive in WA will normally be reported to your home state and treated in accordance with the point system in your home state. WA can suspend your right to drive in their state even if you have a valid drivers license from another state.

Can the state of Illinois suspend an Indiana driver's license?

Illinois can revoke your driving priveleges in their state. Where the license is from does not matter.

How long do you owe Chile support before they take your license?

The 2 are unrelated. They are very much related. The State may suspend your drivers license for non-payment (thresholds vary by State). The State may suspend or revoke your professional license, also.

Can certain states suspend your license because you owed back income tax to the state?

There are states that will suspend your license because of back child support, so yes.

What year was ny able to suspend another states driver license?

The answer depends on the agreement with the second state. Many do not suspend your license for an out of state violation, you would simply not be able to drive in the state that suspended you (in this case New York). NY cannot prevent you from driving in Oregon if you have an Oregon license, they can only refuse to allow you to drive in NY regardless of the state that issues your license. Oregon MAY choose to suspend your Oregon license completely, but that decision is made in Oregon.

What are the reasons the IRS can suspend a persons nursing license?

The IRS doesn't have the power to do that (that I am aware of). Some states might suspend your state license if you owe them taxes, but it's rare.

Can an Iowa drivers license be suspended for a judgment in Ohio?

Yes, if the infraction happened inside the state lines. however, they won't suspend the license themselves, but will request Ohio to suspend it.

Can Virginia suspend your license if your license are in another state?

The Commonwealth of Virginia can't actually do it directly. They can suspend your driving privilege in Virginia, but they can only send a request to your state for them to suspend your licence, which your state may or may not oblige, depending on circumstances. Typically, if the requesting state has a good reason for requesting a licence suspension, the person's home state will normally comply.

Can Fl suspend a NY license?

They can suspend your ability to drive in Florida, regardless of where the license is from.

Can tx suspend your drivers license from another state for misdemeanor traffic tickets?

Yes, they can suspend your license. Texas has a right to protect the other drivers and the location of the violations doesn't matter.

Can Georgia suspend your Michigan drivers license?

They can request Michigan to do that, but Michigan is not compelled to comply. Georgia can suspend your driving privilege in the state of Georgia.

Can you not be able to drive if you are behind on child payments?

The State might suspend your drivers license.

If you get into an accident without insurance can the state suspend your license?

Depends on which state you live in, but in most states a license can be suspended or revoked, and in some states it is an "automatic" penalty.

Can a collection agency suspend your license?

No, but they can take you to the court if you don't pay the debt and then court can suspend your license.

Can Florida suspend a Georgia license?

They can request that Georgia suspend your licence on their behalf.. whether Georgia actually will or not, I cannot say for certain. What they can do is suspend your driving privileges within the state of Florida, though.

Can you get a cdl if you owe a speeding ticket?

No. You must have that resolved before you'll be eligible to upgrade your license. Additionally, if the speeding ticket was from a state other than the state of issue, and your home state did not honor their request to suspend your license for nonpayment of a fine, the state which issued the ticket will eventually suspend your driving privilege in that state, meaning that, if you get pulled over in that state, it will be treated the same as driving on a suspended license.

As a minor, getting 2 points on your provisional license means?

The answer depends on the state you live in. In some states that will suspend your license.

Can New York dmv suspend your Georgia driver license?

New York can revoke your driving priveleges in their state. Where the license is from does not matter.

How can your license be suspended in a state where you did not have a drivers license at the same the suspension was issued?

A state can request for your state to suspend your license. Your state may or may not comply. If your state does not comply, the other state can still revoke your driving privilege in that state, and, if you're pulled over in that state, it is treated the same as driving on a suspended license.

Why would the state suspend a medical license?

The most common reason is malpractice or misconduct by the license holder. Some states automatically suspend or revoke licenses for certain crimes such as DUI or any felonies as well.