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Can a teacher teach after he was caught with the possession of drugs?

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yea... IN PRISON!

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Can math teacher teach physics?

yes a math teacher can teach physics

What part of speech is the word teacher?

The word 'teacher' is a noun. 'Teach' is a verb. I am able to teach, therefore I am a teacher.

To be the teacher?


How much is a maths TEACHER paid in the UK?

Around £5000 to £6000 a year. It depends on what type of teacher you are,where you teach,when you teach and who you teach.

Can you still be a teacher if you teach a subject you did not major in?

A person can teach the subject that they minored in. A teacher can also teach in Elementary Ed if that was their major in college.

How does a teacher become a teacher?

a teacher becomes a teacher by taking her degree. and then she can teach us

What is difference between a PGT and TGT teacher?

A TGT teacher is a trained graduate teacher. They teach 6-10 standard. A PGT teacher is a post graduate teacher. They teach 11-12.

What a teacher does?

Teach academics.

If you become a teacher what do you do?


What is the root word for teacher?

I would assume teach, for a teacher is one that teaches. sometimes refered to as "teach" for short.

Why don't schools teach religion?

The reason why school's don't teach religion because the teacher is not there to teach you about religion and why it's because the teacher will be going out of his league to teach the student or students about it.

Do all schools teach about drugs?

Public schools are required to educate kids about drugs, but some private schools do not teach anything about drugs or drug use.

What does a math teacher does?

They teach math. by the way the ? should be ''What does a teacher do?"

How do you teach a teacher to be quiet?

tell the teacher to shut up

Use teacher and pedagogy in a sentence?

my teacher teach a lot.

What is teacher training?

Teacher training, is the the time where a person traines to be a teacher. they often watch how teachers of the subject they want to teach for a while, then attempt to teach that class.

How a teacher can teach simple and compound sentences?

A teacher can teach simple and compound sentences by using examples for illustration purposes.

Can a british teacher teach in Canada?

For a teacher to teach in a Canadian province, he or she would have to be certified by that province. This is even true for Canadian teachers when they want to teach in another province.

Can a uncertifite guitar teacher teach guitar?

Yes, an uncertified teacher can teach guitar. But he/she needs to make sure she is advanced and is good with students and has material ready to teach.

If you were the English teacher how would you teach this course?

i will like to teach it with knowled

Is teacher a verb or noun?

teacher: noun The teacher prepared her class on bacteria so she would be ready to work with the children. teach: verb I will teach biology in a school.

What is the responcibility of a teacher?

to teach students

What does a French teacher do?

They teach french!

Where does the word teacher came?


What is another word for hard to teach?

Is It the Child..Or Teacher O_o..If the Child..Maybe Dislexic..Ignorant?..Teacher.. Dispicable..Hard to Teach? >.<

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