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Can a teenage girl in Maryland only be emancipated if she is pregnant?

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Im only 16 but i do live in Maryland and Im thinking the answer is no.This girl i know was going through all the stuff to get emancipated and she was not pregnant.

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If a girl gets pregnant is she legally emancipated from her parents?


Can you get emancipated if you have a child?

any girl automatically becomes emancipated when pregnant. it is a little known law. hidden to try to stop girls getting pregnant just to become emancipated

Define teenage pregnancy?

Teenage pregnancy is when a girl 17 or under is pregnant.

How can a teenage girl get pregnant?

by having unprotected sex

A movie about a teenage girl that gets pregnant?


Can a 16 year old boy and girl who get married in Maryland and have a baby be automatically emancipated?

a girl can get married in Maryland without parental permission is she is pregnant or has given birth as long as she gets a note from her doctor saying when her due date is or that she has given birth, and is she is at least 16 years old

When can a teenage boy can get a girl pregnant?

Any time they have sex.

Does the father of a 17 year old pregnant girl have to pay child support in Maryland?

I imagine she still needs clothes and food in her belly. That doesn't change because she's pregnant. You still have to pay for your child until she is of legal age or emancipated.

Can a 17 year old pregnant girl move out without parental consent?

No, she is not emancipated.

Why does Sandy move to Florida?

Because her parents were ashamed that their teenage girl was pregnant

Is a pregnant 16 year old girl automatically made emancipated from their parents?

No. Being able to get pregnant does not make a girl an adult. She has to file for emancipation from the court if the state allows it.

If a girl under the age of eighteen was pregnant in North Carolina could she get emancipated without her parents comsent?

you she can you she can

If a girl was 16 and pregnant what would be the requirements to be emancipated in Florida?

You have to be 18. Pregnancy doesn't change anything.

How does a teenage girl get pregnant?

This happens if she has sexual intercourse, and especially unprotected sexual intercourse.

Is a girl 17 who has a baby legally emancipated in Maryland?

yes, because i am 17 and the same thing happen to me. The only problem is that its hard to get a place to live on my own we also know because were from maryland.

Can a teenage girl get pregnant on her cycle but the boy is using a condom?

Yes. The condom could malfunction.

Is Juno a boy or a girl?

In the movie Juno's a teenage girl who got pregnant. Then there's The goddess Juno. (the goddess of mothers) She's a girl also.

Can a pregnant girl be emancipated in the state of Virginia?

If you are a minor and pregnant that doesn't give emancipation. To be emancipated you need to prove you can support yourself and the baby before a judge. The judge will listen and ask questions to determine income and other factors and grant emancipation or not.

Can a sixteen year old pregnant girl emancipate?

Being pregnant is not making you emancipated regardless of your age. if you want to get emancipated before legal age you have to go to court and prove you can take care for yourself and your child financially and in every other way.

Is it true that 14 year old girls can be pregnant?

Yes, any early teenage or pre-teen girl can get pregnant if she is menstruating and sexually active.

If a girl in Oklahoma be legally emancipated if she is pregnant?

Not just because she is pregnant. That is not a reason for emancipation. There are many requirements she has to fill. Living on her own, job, paying her own bills etc.

Can a 16 year old pregnant girl move out with her 19 year old boyfriend in WA without permission or being emancipated?


In Oklahoma can a girl legally be emancipated if she is 17 and pregnant?

Not just because she is pregnant. That is not a reason for emancipation. There are many requirements she has to fill. Living on her own, job, paying her own bills etc.

Can a 17 year old Tennessee girl move out if she pregnant?

Only with parental consent or emancipation. You cannot own property, unless you are emancipated.

When was Diary of a Teenage Girl created?

Diary of a Teenage Girl was created in 2000.

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