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Can a text message be sent from a cell phone to a computer?

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Probably no, because there are services in messangers which allow U to send SMS messages but I don't think that U can send text messages from a cell phone to a computer.)

Actually, Yes you can. I sent messages to Facebook all the time. so ignore the last answer. You can send messages to computers using a cell phone.

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If it's from another phone - it will usually display the number of the phone that sent the message. If from a computer, it'll probably just display the URL address (for example

The first text message was sent by Neil Papworth in 1992.

Macbooks can send photographs from the computer to a cell phone through a few methods including: e-mail, embedded in a text message, or sent through a data share network.

To send an anonymous text message, a website is usually needed. The message typed onto the computer and sent to the given number is converted from a text message to an SMS, and is then recieved by the other cell phone.

"Queued" means that your message has not been sent yet, but will be sent when possible. In other words, it is waiting to be sent.

LG KF300 has repeat message alert and message sent facility' good phone but old

you text what you wanna say and then you press the send button on your cell phone TA DA!!! your message has been sent

The SMS messaging system connects your message to a another cell phone via the phone number and transmits the text data via satellite.

The first SMS message was sent to a cell phone in 1992 through a computer. However, it was not until 1995 that the service was available to consumers. Growth of the service was slow until the 2000s, when cell phones and smartphones became ubiquitous.

The number you sent the message will show - but not the content of the message ! it actually will and your pretty much screwed!

SMS message can be sent for free online at sites like Textmefree and Sendmessage. An SMS message can also be sent from an email account directly to the mobile phone using the cell phone number and the cell service provider information in the email address.

you can hit messages and go to message inbox or go to sentbox. message inbox is what people send to you. sentbox is what you sent.

The year was 1990's when the first text message was ever sent out.

"Thank you for contributing in Cingular Wirless's 'Text Messaging Trial'"-2002

Regardless of how or why you sent a text message, once it is sent from your phone it is billed as a sent text message.

A sent message leaves your phone but stays in the service providers server until the other phone signal it catches. When it catches the other phone the message reaches the other phone and will be deleted from the server also. Now the message is delivered to the other phone. When you opt of the delivery report option in message section of your phone, it will deliver the message to the other phone and the sends a messsage to your phone that the message had been delivered. = Madhu sudhan

A text message is a specially formatted digital message that is created in a cell phone and transmitted to a cell tower using radio waves. The message is routed through the network, in much the same way that a voice communication is, and it is ultimately sent to the recipient's phone, again, using radio waves.

You cannot delete a text message that's been sent without hacking into the recipient's server account, phone or computer.

When we start typing a message it is stored temporily in our phone memory... when we give "send" it is sent to the cell phone tower using CONTROL CHANNEL(which is used for communication) and the device there will send the msg to the reciever(say ur frnd's) tower and from there the msg is delivered to the recipient.

Once the text message is sent from your phone and it is marked sent you will get charged for it. If itÍs not received by the receiver you will need to check the number you sent it to and ask the receiver to check there phone

If you have call forwarding with your home phone you can have your calls sent to your cell phone.

An Instant Message - is usually sent between two users on a computer networt. Delivery is instant (hence the name) and the response can be just as quick. A Text Message is sent to a mobile (cell) phone - the message stays on the network's server if it cannot be instantly sent to the handset (eg - if it's switched off). The recipient will not see the text until thir handset is switched back on.

ON Verizon cell phones, the green checkmark means the message has been delivered to the recipient's mobile device. When sending a txt (or pic or flic) messge to a non VZW customer, there will be a green arrow indicating that the message was sent, not neccaserily that they received it.

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