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Can a total body cleanse effect your birth control?


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can a total body cleanse effect your Birth Control?

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Yes, when I went on the B.C. patch last year I didn't get my period until three months later, and then I didn't stop bleeding for three months. The first few months you go on birth control your body needs time to absorb the hormones and take total effect.

Total Body Rapid Cleanse by makers Renew Life will detox you if you follow the instructions properly. Have used before, will use it again!

Total Wellness Cleanse is a "cleansing diet," which means that you must drink a certain drink for a few days, up to a week, in order to "cleanse" your system of toxins. This wouldn't be appropriate if you have other health concerns or need to eat a specific diet.

Birth control pills are quite effective for preventing pregnacy, however NOTHING but total abstinence can prevent std's. Condoms help, but there are no guarantees!!

There are both serious, and less serious side effects of the Total Cleanse. Stomach cramps, sluggishness, and headaches are some of the less severe. Some of the severe effects are heart stopping, muscle weakness, and kidney damage.

Some men would welcome the opportunity for a reliable method under which they had total control. At this time, only condoms and vasectomy are within a man's control.

There are a number of places where one could buy the products for a gallbladder cleanse. These include Amazon, Lucky Vitamin, Total Health Secrets and QNH Shop.

The wellness cleanse has great reveiws. Many people say that the diet does work and that it has proven to be very effective for them. It is a great choice to lose weight.

Total body cleanse and Master cleanse are VERY good, I speak from both experience and reference. A few friends and I did a master cleanse purchased at wal mart for about twenty dollars. The first few days cause a bit of discomfort and after that, I felt lighter and more energetic. I suggest these products because all the roots and herbs that are compacted into the pills ends up making if more easy and affordable to use. A total body cleanse is a must.

A total body cleanse removes waste, toxins, and parasites from the body and is safe for most people to do once per year. However, if you are taking medications or have a weakened immune system you should NOT do a total body cleanse without first speaking to your doctor.

The first website I found is: There is a section where you can enter your e-mail address and they will send you daily e-mails. This cleanse is 30 days. There is also a check off list to assure the cleanse is right for you.

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The purpose of doing a total body cleanse is to make your organs function better while helping you gain energy in the process. When someone cleanses their body they get rid of toxins that make you feel sluggish or tired and cause infections. It's always a great idea to do a cleanse right before you try to lose any weight as you'll have more energy to workout.

I did the master cleanse for 10 days, I lost 2 pounds a day for the first 5 days, then it dropped to 1 pound per day for the last 5, total loss was 15 pounds, however 2 months later (following the cleanse), I have gained 5 pounds back, 3 of which were in the first 2 weeks following the cleanse.

Total Eclipse Rely Detox from GNC stores do not work. They will definitely cleanse out your system, but will not rid it of drugs and alcohol use.

While nothing is 100% foolproof except total abstinence, using birth control will indeed reduce the risk of pregnancy, and in many cases, prevent it entirely. Some forms of birth control are far more reliable than others, so talk to your doctor and he or she can advise the best kind for you. There have been many improvements in the kinds of birth control that are available today, and contraception is used by millions of people. But if you want birth control to work, the key is to use it according to the instructions (the pill, the IUD, the contraceptive sponge and other methods are all used by the woman, and each method has its own instructions; condoms are used by the man, and here too, the condom must be used in the correct way). Some forms of birth control like condoms also protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

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It is recommended that you do a total cleanse according to the seasons--4 times a year. Then you can do maintenance cleanses as needed--little tune ups or liver cleanses Check with the nutritionist at your local health food store...they can direct you to products and advise you on cleansing routines. Before embarking on a cleanse, if you have any major health issues, check with your Doc for modifications--it will save yourself some embarrassing issues later. hth Danni Donkey Nursing Student on a cleanse as we speak..the better late from the Winter Solstice than never cleanse

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