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Can a vehicle be repossessed if the title has no security interest on it but you used the vehicle to get the loan but never gave them the title?


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2011-09-12 15:11:55
2011-09-12 15:11:55

a lien can be placed on a title without you giving them the title. call your states DMV and ask if you car has a lien on it. I think you will be surprised. Good Luck


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Loan and security will always be active against the vehicle. It never goes away until paid or repossessed. Yes, the collateral may be repossessed at any time.

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The owner of a vehicle that has been repossessed, cannot afford to make their payments, so it makes sense that they cannot afford to perform the required scheduled maintenance on the vehicle. This is not always the case but IMO, I would never buy a repossessed vehicle, unless it had extremely low mileage of say less than 20,000 miles.

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Absolutely NOT! The vehicle legally belongs to the lien holder and any person who tries to recover said vehicle via self-help can be charged with Grand Theft Auto. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER attempt such an action.

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Read the fine print of your contract carefully. I have never heard of a vehicle leasing/purchasing contract NOT having a first payment default clause.

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If you cannot produce a "clean title", you cannot sell or trade the vehicle.

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