Can a vinyl liner be added to a pool?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Can a vinyl liner be added to a pool?
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What is the best pool finish?

Vinyl Liner

What is the best type of pool to install in the south?

Pool with a vinyl liner.

Can lights be installed in a pool with vinyl liner?


How expensive is it to replace your pool vinyl liner?

Very expensive

Will a chlorine burn on the pool liner cause the liner to crack?

High concentrations of chlorine can and will destroy a vinyl liner.

How do you remove a fireworks stain from the bottom of a vinyl pool liner?

You can't

Can you patch the corners of a 20ft - 30ft inground vinyl pool liner that has big rips?

No. Replace the liner.

What thickness of vinyl pool liner is recommended for a 36 foot pool?

28 or 30 mil

How can you fix a detached vinyl liner from its spot?

To fix a detached vinyl liner from its spot on an above ground pool, the water will have to be drained from the pool. Then, a marine patch can be placed on the area to re-attach the vinyl to the place where it came apart. Allow this to dry thoroughly before refilling the pool.

Can use acetone on a vinyl pool liner?

One of the biggest fears that most pool owners have when it comes to their vinyl pool liner is discovering a rip or a tear in it. The fortunate thing about holes in vinyl liners is that they are very easy to repair.

I am a bricklayer about to build my own swimming pool using reinforced concrete blocks Does anyone have a pool made from concrete blocks PLEASE USE THE WORD I IF YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT YOURSELF?

How are you planning on making the pool water tight? If you want to use a Vinyl Liner, you should consult the dealer you are planning on ordering the liner from. A lot of Vinyl Liner manufactures will not make a liner for that pool.

Can you replace old cracked coping on a vinyl liner pool?

Yes you can! We have a pool and my dad fixed ours.