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Yes you can! We have a pool and my dad fixed ours.

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โˆ™ 2011-05-19 11:22:29
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Q: Can you replace old cracked coping on a vinyl liner pool?
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Can you replace coping on vinyl liner pool with stone?

Afraid not. Vinyl liner pools are built using "concrete receptor coping" into which the deck is poured. It also contains the "bead receptor" that the vinyl liner attaches to. Actually YES it can. You would want to do this during a liner replacement but it can be done. You would have to remove the concrete from around the perimeter of the pool, remove/ replace the "concrete receptor coping" with bead receiver, aluminum extrusion, form/pour a bond beam, then lay your stone. Not really an easy do it yourself job but it can be done.

Is there a paint for a vinyl liner?

no on paint! You will need to replace the liner.

How do you attach the vinyl liner to aluminum coping on an in-ground vinyl swimming pool?

Call me and I'll walk you through it. Carl 813 368 5758

How expensive is it to replace your pool vinyl liner?

Very expensive

Is there anything to recolor a faded vinyl liner?

Yes, replace the liner. Nothing can put the color back into plastic or vinyl or glass or steel.

Can you put the new liner on top of the old one?

The answer is no. Vinyl liner pools and the concrete deck around the pool are constructed with "concrete receptor coping". The concrete deck is poured into the receptor coping which at the very bottom has was is called a "bead receptor". The vinyl liner at the top has what we call a bead, used to install the liner into the bead receptor. Because there is, and can be, only one bead receptor, a second liner cannot be installed.

Can you patch the corners of a 20ft - 30ft inground vinyl pool liner that has big rips?

No. Replace the liner.

What do you do when above ground vinyl pool bottom is thinning out?

You have no choice but to replace the liner

Where can you find the pieces that cover the seams where the pieces of coping are joined for an inground vinyl liner pool?

That would be a pool company.. Now there are dozens of coping styles and sizes, so take one of the old one with you..

How can you keep your vinyl pool liner from pulling out?

liner lock

Can an above ground pool be repainted?

== == I think you may mean How do you replace the above ground pool liner? Avoce ground pools usually have a vinyl liner. You do not paint them.

Can a vinyl liner be added to a pool?


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