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The answer is no. Vinyl liner pools and the concrete deck around the pool are constructed with "concrete receptor coping". The concrete deck is poured into the receptor coping which at the very bottom has was is called a "bead receptor". The vinyl liner at the top has what we call a bead, used to install the liner into the bead receptor. Because there is, and can be, only one bead receptor, a second liner cannot be installed.

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Q: Can you put the new liner on top of the old one?
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When you replace the liner of an above ground overlap pool can you drain the pool leave the original liner and put the replacement on top or do you need to remove the original before refilling?

You need to remove the old liner. Leaving the old one will cause the new one to retain moisture between the layers and rot the new vinyl and rot the walls of the pool.

Would it be worth the extra cost to replace a vinyl liner with a new gunite shell built inside old 15x30 pool or stick with the vermiculate bottom and a new liner since this one is 15 and leaking?

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