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In some situations, YES. The threat of it is uasually enough to get the car repoed.

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Q: Can a warranty be issued for if the creditor is trying to repossess?
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Can a creditor still repossess a car for nonpayment if the title has been signed over in good faith without a lien?

Certainly, especially if you signed an agreement. Ethically, you do not own the car if you have not paid for it and the creditor deserves to be paid. It sounds like you are trying to take advantage of the other party. Figure out your finances and pay up.

Creditor trying to collect from bankruptcy?

Files a "proof of claim" with the court.

What prefix is used for possess?

It depends on what you are trying to state. You could use re- to form repossess, or dis- to form dispossess.

Can you be charged with a felony if you have a car creditors are trying to repossess?

Of course, you can be charged with any felony you commit, but I think you're asking if it is a felony to hide the car from the repossession agent. Technically, no. But, if you are obviously hiding it and the lender gets really PO'd, he can go to court and have a writ of replevna issued. Then the sheriff will come along with the repo man and they will leave with the car - or with you. The correct answer is: it not a felony to hide a car from creditors who are trying to reposses......period.This is a civil matter not a criminal matter.The writ is issued in rare cases.

What if a creditor is not on your credit report but trying to collect a debt?

You must pay all of your legitimate debts. A creditor is not required to report a debt to a credit bureau in order to collect the debt you owe.

What is the name of the Toyota warranty font?

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Can you get a id if you have 3 warrants?

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How can I extend my auto warranty?

I would suggest trying They seem to be highly creditable and should help you get an extra extended warranty you were looking for. Hope this helps:)

Can a creditor sue you if you are trying to pay them?

It would depend on what the term "trying to pay" means. Once a debt goes into default it is due and payable in full. Any creditor that takes payments on a defaulted debt is doing so outside of the bounds of that contract as a courtesy. So, if the debt in question has been defaulted, then yes, the creditor may sue you and take all remedies available to them under law.

How long can a attorney keep on trying to get money on a repo car in Indiana?

credotomfocenter Oral Written Promissory Open IN 6 10 10 6 Typically, the court will try and contact you via mail, but they do not need proof that you were contacted, and you do not have to be present in order for your creditor to win. The creditor only has to provide proof the debt is owed. You want to avoid this at all costs, for it is after a judgment is issued that a creditor can seize bank accounts, assets or garnish wages. In addition, it is easy to renew a judgment once its SOL has past. In effect, if the creditor is viligient about his renewals, you could find yourself in the position where a judgment against you never expires.

Does restore reinstate warranty to jailbroken iPod?

Restoring an iPod should reinstate the warranty to a jailbroken iPod, unless a problem occurs during restoration, then the warranty isn't in effect since you are trying to restore a jailbroken iPod.

When is a debit note issued?

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Why was the Monroe doctrine issued?

It was because of Europeans trying to take Americas land

What happens if you no longer have the car and the finance company trying to repossess?

Someone has the car and the finance company has a lien on it. Any sale would have been fraudulent.

Can a finance company change your registration when trying to repossess your car?

Is it legal to? NoIs it possible to? NoThe finance company does not have possession of the vehicle so can do nothing with the paperwork on that vehicle until the do secure possess of it.

Trying to find phone or address for creditor gemb brooks brothers from year 1992?

GEMB - Brook Brothers 1-866-335-6230

Why is a Motion for Relief from Stay is filed?

It is filed because a secured creditor (who has stopped receiving payments) wants to foreclose on the collateral of the loan/promissory note. It is filed because a BK filing prevents a creditor from trying any collection activity (the "stay"). So a creditor that wants to continue to collect/foreclose must seek court permission to do so- hence "relief" from "stay"

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Can you become a creditor for child support?

If you're trying to collect past-due child support, I suggest you contact your State's child support agency. Good luck!

Can a repo man trying to repossess your car go next door to your neighbor's house and ask them where you are and basically tell the neighbor about your situation and why they are there?

If he was lying you can sue him for slander, but not if it's the truth. NO he cannot! Look up the Fair Debt Collections Act. NO NO NO! Just because it's true that you may owe money, doesn't mean it's legal for the creditor, or a creditor's agent to go about telling the world. See link to Fair Debt Collection Practices Act at right========================>

How would you rate Flexsteel customer service?

I have been calling customer service at least twice a week for over a month regarding a warranty issue. My Flexsteel sofa has a 'Lifetime Warranty' on it's springs. Several of the springs in the unit have broken and I'm trying to get a repair under the 'Lifetime Warranty'. It's a joke! And a waste of time! They have no intention of making good on their 'Lifetime Warranty'. I willnever see a spring unit sent to a local upholster for repair! THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS! And 'Lifetime Warranty' does not exist!

Can a lender report a vechicle stolen while trying to repossess in the state of Florida?

In the event that the possessor of the vehicle is not a contracted party, or if the contracted party is actively seeking to hinder repossession, then yes, the lender can report the vehicle stolen.

How much is a fake babe Ruth card worth?

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Why Buy the Extended Warranty?

If there is one piece of paper that has been vilified through history without just cause, it is any piece of paper that contains an extended warranty. The extended warranty is definitely seen in society today as a complete taboo a piece of add-on salesmanship that the unscrupulous commission-based employee of the company is trying to tack on to your sale at the end of a purchase, almost as if he is trying to sneak it by you in the time between him ringing up the sale and you actually signing the credit card receipt.When you put it like this, it is more the salesman that it is the extended warranty that should be given a bad rap. The extended warranty is actually a very good investment for many large assets, and can save people a great deal of trouble when it comes to protecting those assets without having to come out of pocket for a large lump sum expense.The extended warranty is the only document that a manufacturer will usually take when it comes to defective products. Other types of insurance may protect against accidents and things of that nature, but only the warranty can protect you from bad parts or bad delivery. The extended warrantee, because it expands on the manufacturer's warranty, is also usually the most complete document of protection that a large asset can have.What people should do when they are trying to decide whether or not to get an extended warranty is to forget the salesman completely. They should weigh the actual terms of the warranty against the money that they have to spend, and only after they have done this and determined the potential economic fallout of giving up an extended warranty should they say that the warranty itself is not worth the extra money.However, you can even turn the situation of a pushy salesman to your vantage. If the salesman is overly pushy, in certain industries this is actually a good thing, as it shows a weakness in his position. Perhaps he has to make a certain quota to keep his job. If this is the case, then you can definitely negotiate on the price of the extended warranty.