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Yes, You can have as many "middlemen" selling products as you want. Usually not as many involved as in your question because the price goes up each time.

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Q: Can a wholeseller sell to a broker and the broker sell it to a private individual?
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Do you need an aircraft broker to sell your private jet?

Yes. An aircraft broker brings many valuable tools and expertise.

What does a commodity options broker do?

A commodity broker is a firm or individual who executes orders to buy or sell commodity contracts on behalf of clients and charges them a commission .

Can you sell a handgun to a private individual in new york state?


Where can you sell a diamond ring in woodbridge NJ?

You are best advised to pay a certified gemologist to value the ring for you, before you attempt to sell it. You can sell it to a jeweler or a private party, or broker it to an online shopping option.

Difference between broker and jobbers?

The difference between a broker and jobbers is the role that they play in the buying and selling of stocks. A broker is hired by an investor to buy and sell stock for them. A jobber ensures that when the broker wants to buy or sell, that there is someone lined up for the broker to buy or sell from.

What is a produce brokerage?

A Produce Broker is an individual who coordinates farmers looking to sell produce, truckers to move it, and clients who want to buy it. A produce broker has two obligations. Firstly source clients who are willing to sell produce, usually in bulk quantities. Secondly find a buyer or buyers for the produce. Within this process the broker 'clips the ticket', and makes his cut for organising the deal.

Who is a broker in stock market?

A broker is the person through whom we buy/sell stocks. For example your DEMAT Account provider can be considered your Broker.

How can one become a broker dealer?

Broker dealers are traders in investment and securities. The first step would be to get the federal and state certification so the individual is legally allowed to sell investment items. Then register with the Financial Regulatory Authority. Many websites detail exactly what one has to do to become a broker dealer.

Where can I sell my sugar stock?

Through a stock broker.

What is a sales representative?

Sales representative is a person responsible to sell goods or services to business, residential or retailer or wholeseller outlets and tries to win new customers as well.

Private sector advantages?

can private sectors sell shares? can private sectors sell shares?

Can you sell a domain name that you currently own?

Yes you can sell a domain name that you currently own. The best way to do this is to contact a domain broker who can broker the sale between you and the buyer for you.

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