Can a windows 7 printer work on windows 8 computer?


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yes a printer will work on all versions of windows and macs

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No reason why not - provided you have the correct driver(s) for the hardware installed in Windows 8.

Yes windows 7 Accept the HP Inkjet D4160 Printer.

I am sharing a Dell Photo AIO Printer 926 running on an XP computer with a computer on the network running Windows 7. When I started, the printer was already installed and working on the XP computer and set up to be shared on the network. Then I ran the 926 printer installation disk (the disk that came with the printer) on the Windows 7 computer. At some point it asked me if the printer was connected to another computer on the network. When I answered "yes" it asked for the name of the other computer on the network and the shared name of the printer. After I answered those questions it proceeded to "install" the printer as if it was connected to the Windows 7 machine and it works perfectly. I was surprised that worked, after having tried many times (unsuccessfully) to connect to it by installing new drivers on the Windows 7 computer. So I would suggest using the printer installation disk on the Windows 7 computer. If you do not have the disk I would suggest trying to get one from the printer manufacturer.

Windows 7 is software because you install it on the computer. Hardware is physical and you can touch it with your fingers. EG printer. A printer is hardware because you can touch it.

If your printer has Windows Vista drivers available, they should also work in Windows 7. If your printer is less than 4 years old, it may have drivers available to download off of the manufacturer's website.

Yes. I'm using exactly that combination. Once you have the appropriate driver installed on your computer, it works fine.

Go to the Lexmark website to download the printer drivers for Windows 7. Also, check your computer if it's running on 32-bit or 64-bit by clicking on Windows logo Start Menu button > right click on Computer > Properties. To download.

No reason why not - Windows 7 should detect the printer when you plug it in for the first time - and set up the device drivers OR - it will ask for the disc that came with the printer.

The printer is discontinued. It was only made for XP. Doesn't even work with Vista.

Windows CE is the Compact Edition of windows. CE is not designed for use on a personal computer, its designed for computers designed for a very specific purpose such as a car computer, tv, or printer. Windows 7 is a full operating system for a personal computer. It allows you to run a large number of programs on any computer with an x86 or x86_64 processor.

There are Windows 7 drivers for this printer on HP's support site at the link below.

I tried to use the cable with an HP 2100 printer with parallel connector. It woulld not work with either Window XP or Windows 7.

It depends on your computer itself. If your computer has enough RAM, the required graphics, etc. It does work on a Windows 7 though. On their site, I could not find the system requirements.

Windows 7 is supposed to recognize the printer automatically. The printer is in the list of officially supported hardware.

It does work with Windows 7 ! I've been using Windows 7 for a while now, and Answers certainly works on my computer (otherwise I would not have been able to read your question - or answer it !)

yes it is because i have a hp pavilion g6 windows 7 and i have the hp 3050 printer and it works.

yes. it is a computer isnt it

It should do. I have a copy of Doom II on this computer (Windows 7) - Doom II is an OLD computer game (from around 1994 !) - written long before Windows 7 operating system was written.


If you mean will XP work on a 7 compatible computer, the answer is most often yes. If you mean can a XP program run on Windows 7, then mostly but occasionally not. In this case you can run in compatibility mode. If this doesn't work then you could dual boot XP on your computer. If you mean something else, edit your question.

It should work... but that's Windows. It doesn't always work. Hopefully you can get some tech support.

its actually pretty simple, all you have to do is reboot your computer, my computer is windows 7, but i bet it will still work on windows XP though

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