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No reason why not - provided you have the correct driver(s) for the hardware installed in Windows 8.

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Q: Can windows 7 printer work on Windows 8 computer?
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Can a windows 7 printer work on windows 8 computer?

yes a printer will work on all versions of windows and macs

What printer do you need for Windows 98?

There is no specific printer that you "need" for Windows 98. Any printer with a Windows 98 driver should work.

What printer will work with windows 98?

Many printers work with Windows 98. Any printer that connects through a parallel port or that can be printed to over a network will work

Will a mac wireless printer work on your lenova laptop?

Your problem is not the printer, the problem is availability of windows drivers for the printer. If you find appropriate windows drivers supporting the printer you should not have problems using your laptop with the printer*. *I have assumed that you have windows installed on your laptop.

Will a HP Inkjet D4160 printer work with Windows 7?

Yes windows 7 Accept the HP Inkjet D4160 Printer.

Can a Windows 8 computer work with a Windows 7 computer?


Will you need a new printer to support Windows 7?

If your printer has Windows Vista drivers available, they should also work in Windows 7. If your printer is less than 4 years old, it may have drivers available to download off of the manufacturer's website.

Will a computer game labeled win mac DVD-rom software work on a normal PC computer?

The guy who said "It has to be a MAC computer or else it would not work." was incorrect. When it says "WIN" on the box, that means "Any Computer With WINdows Installed". Nowadays, this usually refers to Windows XP, Windows 2000, or Windows Vista, but in a lot of cases, Windows 98 or Windows ME will work just as well.

What if you have computer games that are not compatible with your computer?

Do you mean the games say "compatible with windows 98?" and you have Windows XP? Games are backwards compatible. Meaning, if the games say "windows 98", windows 95 is ok (anything before windows 98 will work). But it is not forward compatible--Windows 2000, windows xp, etc. will not work. does this answer?

How do you get an old printer on windows 95 to work on a vista computer?

Easiest way is to buy a new one. The older ones don't work on today's pcs

Where can you download windows movie maker 1.0?

If you have a computer running Windows ME,you can copy the Movie Maker 1.0 files onto any other computer. But Windows Movie Maker 1 has limited functions. And it does not work even on Windows XP as it is only for Windows ME. Although it does work on Windows 2000.

What is win dow's?

Windows is the operating system on a Microsoft computer or an Apple computer running windows drivers. Without windows your computer would not work.

Can the iLife work on windows?

iLife runs on OSX. If you can run OSX on your Windows computer, then iLife will work.

Can you install Windows 98 on a computer running Windows XP?

Possibly, but not usually. Windows XP was distributed for far longer than Windows 98, and a lot of hardware that is compatible with Windows XP isn't compatible with Windows 98. The newer the computer, the less likely it will work with Windows 98.

Can a Windows 7 repair disk work on any Windows 7 computer?


What printers work with windows 2000?

You can use any printer as long as your Printer's hardware and software supports any version of the Windows Operating systems. Make sure you check the OS compatibility of the printer before you buy one.

If a game says that it needs Windows 98 or Windows 2000 would it also work on a computer with XP?

Yes, it would very likely work on Windows XP if it advertises compatibility with Windows 2000.

Does Wii Speak work on a computer?

No, Wii Speak does not work on the computer. Windows will recognize it, but there is no driver for it to work.

Will computer games for windows 3.1 Windows 2000 or Windows 95 work in windows 98?

Most games written for Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 will run on Windows 98. Games that were only written with Windows 2000 or later in mind will usually not run on Windows 98.

Why won't Flash download on Windows Vista computer with Windows Explorer 7?

It should work... but that's Windows. It doesn't always work. Hopefully you can get some tech support.

Will your lexmark p6350 inkjet printer work with 64-bit windows 7 home premium?

No reason why not - Windows 7 should detect the printer when you plug it in for the first time - and set up the device drivers OR - it will ask for the disc that came with the printer.

Will windows xp x64 work on a system with ddr3 ram?

Yes Windows xp will work with DDR3 i have a gaming computer with 16gb DDR3 ram in windows xp 64-bit

What printer works with Windows 98?

Lots of printers work with Windows 98. Generally speaking, any printer that connects via a parallel port, or that can be printed to over a network will work. USB printers may or may not work, depending on their age. You should check the printer manufacturer's site to see what operating system it is compatible with.

Will a Windows 98 printer driver work with Windows ME?

Yes. Both Windows 98 and Windows ME support the two primary driver models in place during that time period: VxD and WDM. Windows 2000 used WDM and an older driver model from the previous NT versions. Windows 95 only supported VxDs.

Can you run roblox on Windows 98?

No. It has to be more recent, at least Windows 2000.